Cutting Edge Offers is SCAM NETWORK Nicole Thomas

Posted:February 19, 2013 19:09 pm

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Cutting Edge Offers owed me more than $ 850 for August and September. They told me that our payment will be made on October 15, 2012, but they did not pay us. Cutting Edge Offers is a scam network and are going down.
My manager is Nicole Thomas and she is the worst management I’ve ever worked with. Never paid and never talk about my money. When I ask them to pay for me, Nicole Thomas threatened to close my account if I continue to ask them to pay. A bad network. I have contacted a few other publishers are working for them and it seems all payments are delayed. I think they are having a financial problem and they are trying to steal our money.
I will give them 7 days to pay us and if they did not pay us, I will sue them in court.

Don’t pay:

Nicole Thomas always threatened to close my account when I asked them to pay.A bad management and Cutting Edge Offers is a scam network.
Stay away this network if you do not want to lose your money….!!!

An email threatening of Nicole Thomas :

full disclosure

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1 Bjorne

That is beyond unfortunate! I’m amazed that they never informed you of them getting read to shut down back in November.

Could be a reason for no money.


2 Paul Schlegel

I’m not crazy about Cutting Edge Offers, but it looks like she DID give you a reason – that payment terms are Net 15. Do you understand what that means?


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