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Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

Don’t miss this catch with Brent Pourciau @TopVelocity

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The ShoeMoney Show has been rolling out major guest after major guest so far. The show will not be live today due to some technical difficulties but you will be able to catch it on replay at WebmasterRadio.FM later today and it will also air later this week as well!

Brent Pourciau is the CEO of Top Velocity and entrepreneur and instructor for Ace Pitcher. Many call him Coach Brent. Brent has an amazing story. He overcame several obstacles (including rotator cuff surgery) to become the skilled pitcher he wanted to be. Now he teaches all kinds of people how to do the same.

Today, we’ll learn about Brent’s story and how his passion has fueled an additional and interesting career, still relating to what he loves.

Don’t forget you can view all of the archives of the show here:



Brent Pourciau on tomorrow’s ShoeMoney Show – @TopVelocity

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Another announcement of another guest on The ShoeMoney Show: Brent Pourciau—also known as Coach Brent, CEO of Top Velocity and entrepreneur and instructor for Ace Pitcher—will join be the guest on The ShoeMoney Show TOMORROW!!!

Brent is a special guest because he is unlike many of our others as his career focus is in the realm of sports, baseball specifically. But like other Internet entrepreneurs, Brent is fueled by passion, dedication and hard work and he has learned to use all of that to reach his goals, create good products and share valuable information.

Life threw Brent a lot of curveballs before he learned how to throw them right back and become the great pitcher he always wanted to be. So good, in fact, that he writes inspirational and informative programs (instructional videos, articles and the like) that teach pitchers how to increase the velocity of their pitch—and he has found success in this, too.

Stories like Brent’s—person finds thing they love, approaches thing, masters thing, shares how mastering of said thing was done—are often the coolest and most interesting examples of entrepreneurship.

Tomorrow at 2:00 PST/ 5:00 EST, you can tune in and catch (Get it? Eh?) Brent’s story and words of wisdom. Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, tune in on WebMasterRadio.FM tomorrow and maybe the conversation will throw you a curveball! You can also tune in via WebMaster’s mobile app or their on-demand archive.

One more note: Brent’s company, Top Velocity, is also a client of PAR Program, another company I started under ShoeMoney. Here’s what he said about his experience as a client:

The work by PAR Program “has made my business explode with social media and email marketing. We are seeing well over a 1,000% return on investment with each passing month. Any business owner looking to maximize their bottom line without zapping a lot of internal resources should use the PAR Program.”

If you missed last weeks episode with Neil Patel you can get the replay here

@carsforsale…sells cars and buys cars! ShoeMoney FSF

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Need a car? Cars For Sale is like the encyclopedia for car shoppers. Narrow your search results in every way imaginable while shopping for a car on Next time maybe if I need to sell my wife’s car I will try selling it here instead of eBay?!

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The New Pioneering Launch Process

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The old product launches that used to crush it worked like this:

  1. Video 1 – The Intro “Vision” and introduction to the “guru”.
  2. Video 2 – The pain point you’re going through (why you need the product)
  3. Video 3 – The potential and proof (what if there was a way? Look at suzie who did it with our product!)
  4. Video 4 – The Launch of the product where you can buy it now…

That 4 step formula was extremely successful but was quickly copied and adopted by the masses.  So the people that pioneered the launch process have stepped up their game with new ways to launch a product.

Russell Brunson,  a legend in the industry,  is pioneering a new product launch around his Click Funnels product which allows you to not only build landing pages in seconds but also implements the email funnel process.

Instead of building tons of hype, he gives you the product right away,  for free,  and then trains you on how to use it.   But the free trial only lasts so long.  Then you can decide if it’s right for you.

You can check out what Russell is doing here:

I really like this new launch method because you actually get the product and hands on training on how to use it without having to purchase anything.

Of course, in order to this, you really have to have a quality product and this is a perfect case study to see how it works because Russell’s Click Funnels is amazing software that I am implementing myself.

There is a lot to be learned from this new process and I think its really going to weed out the junk.

I love launches and always sign up to them because I want to see how these guys work.

Again you can check out Russell’s Click funnels here:

The time has come @Neilpatel

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Don’t forget—the third ShoeMoney Show is TODAY and we want you to join us for the conversation.

At 4 p.m. CST, Neil Patel will be at the mic to talk about his self-titled business. This will be a real good chat as Neil and I have similar backgrounds. We’ll talk about things like general entrepreneurship, SEO, traffic studying and building, customer analytics and consulting.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO like Neil and myself or an employee on any level—these topics apply to all businesses. What’s a better way to learn than from a relaxed, yet informed discussion between two experienced people?

Anyway, I hope you join us today at 4 p.m. CST, on WebMasterRadio.FM. You can listen online or through the app. Or, if you can’t make it, use the website’s archive later. But that’s no fun.

Don’t forget you will also get the opportunity to ask us questions LIVE in the chat!


Battle of the Minds with Neil Patel on the ShoeMoney Show @neilpatel

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Guess who’s coming to The ShoeMoney Show (the live-broadcast audio show between myself, Jeremy Schoemaker, and a special guest, back after a five year hiatus).

The answer is Neil Patel, of his self-titled business. Neil is classic entrepreneur and an excellent and relevant guest. He has all kinds of experience—SEO, traffic studying and building, customer analytics, consulting.

Neil says of his current company, “All I care about is how much revenue and profit I can drive to your business.”

Cool, right?

“I’ll analyze your business, find the areas that need to be improved and come up with a game plan to boost your revenue. Before we start our engagement, I’ll use math to show you how much money I can make you.”

Very cool. The guy is all over everything. Our backgrounds in the field are similar –we’re even both doing consulting—so this going to make for a very good show. Good conversation and good intake for anyone listening.

Please tune in tomorrow, Sept. 23, 4p.m., CST on WebMasterRadio.FM. Tune in online or on demand using the website’s archive OR use their app for iPhone and Androids!

If you missed last weeks show with Bart Lorang, CEO of Full Contact catch it here:

See you then (okay, we won’t be able to see each other).

@SensorTower tracks traffic, success of apps – ShoeMoney FSF

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This week’s Free Shirt Friday comes at you from Sensor Tower. Companies with apps use Sensor Tower to acquire more traffic on their apps. Sensor Tower tracks popular keywords and looks at companies’ competitors to see what their clients can do to stay ahead.
Check out them out here.


Cash in easy money with the iPhone launch tomorrow

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Every time a new iPhone comes out I have raked in a few easy thousand bucks.

  • Step 1) Get a bunch of cash out of the bank.
  • Step 2) Get some kids you know and trust to goto phone stores where they have lines and camp out at midnight this Thursday night.
  • Step 3) Give them each plenty of cash to cover the iPhone Plus. I always try to get the smaller versions first. So they will need about 1200 MAX for the biggest one out of contract. If they can with contract should be half that or less.
  • Step 4) Get iPhones at store. Go home list on eBay for the full amount you just paid $50 shipping (shipping bonus profit) on a no reserve auction.
  • Step 5) Give 10% of the profit with people who got the phones. From past years I’ve made 20%-500% ROI. Obviously if you can upgrade its a huge return.

Best part is its 100% risk free. Although I have ALWAYS made money worst case scenario is you return it.Good luck. Especially those that try this in Lincoln, Nebraska. I have my army ready.

Now, while this has never happened before, its possible the stores wont have any in stock. I have spoken to our Verizon rep and he said there is every indication that they will.

But first time for everything.. Just wanted to make sure you are aware of it.

Perception – Not the Product is EVERYTHING

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Watching Apple’s latest keynote/product launch,  the marketer in me,  couldn’t help but be amazed at the amount of work they do in presenting the product.  Its nothing new for Apple but I think its the reason for their success.

The iPhone & the new Apple Watch are extremely innovative and ahead of its time but most of their products since have had competitors that were already doing a lot of the new features they are.

Apple’s presentation of these products is truly amazing.  It reminds me of one of my kids favorite movies – Megamind.

Check out Apple’s iPhone 6 video:

Now look at Apples Apple watch video:

And the new Apple Watch video:

Un frickin real.

The perception of the product is badass. It appears its a MUST have. You start envisioning all the ways this is going to improve your life.

Don’t miss Bart Lorang on the ShoeMoney Show @bartlorang

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We’ve brought back The ShoeMoney Show with full-on energy and quality after its five-year hiatus. Tomorrow at 4p.m CST Episode TWO will be airing with guest Bart Lorang, CEO of Full Contact, on WebmasterRadio.FM

Bart is the CEO for Full Contact, a company that works to group a person’s electronic contacts in all platforms to one single ‘address book,’ if you will. We’ll talk to Bart about the oh-so-social age of today and how he and his business keeps up. You’re likely to learn a thing or two from this successful entrepreneur who serves such a massive target audience. Bart also has a fascinating story on how he raised money and his journey throughout that process.

Maybe we’ll even touch on the balance of being a CEO and a new father (The ShoeMoney Show went on hiatus because of my two then-new little ones).

Tune in on WebmasterRadio.FM or on your smart phone with the app. It airs live and it’s more fun to catch it as we speak, starting at 4:00 CST, but if you can’t, then catch us later on demand on the website’s archive.

Last week, we visited with Ben Huh, CEO for the Cheezburger Network. If you missed it, catch it here


Second Guest on The ShoeMoney Show Announced @bartlorang

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In case you didn’t hear, The ShoeMoney Show is back in full throttle, broadcasting live from WebmasterRadio.FM.

Our first guest was Ben Huh and you can catch the replay here: Our second guest is CEO of Full Contact, Bart Lorang. He will grace the microphone on the show on Sept. 16 at 4:00 CST.

Bart will be another cool guest with cool information because his business does some really fascinating stuff! Full Contact is a service that works to tie together a person’s contacts across all kinds of digital platforms. They work things out to be efficient, user-friendly, easy and automatic. Full Contact launched this year and recently revealed their app too!

This is a particularly good conversation to tune in for as Bart has been through the ups and downs of raising money and came out on top!  We’ll find out how the business is going, what it was like starting it, what’s new, what’s working and what isn’t…. Maybe we’ll talk a bit about his experience as a new father, just for fun.

No matter what, another good conversation on The ShoeMoney Show. Tune in every Tuesday at 4p.m., CST here: WebmasterRadio.FM.

Tune in on WebmasterRadio.FM or on demand in the WebmasterRadio.FM archives inside the Internet Marketing Channel or through the WebmasterRadio.FM Mobile Application for iOS and Android Smartphone devices.

Don’t forget if you missed the show on Tuesday with Ben Huh, you can catch the replay here ! Thank you once again to Webmaster Radio and Ben Huh for being the first guest of the show.

And stay tuned! Future guests (more influential CEOs) to be announced.