The Question I Get The Most

By far the question I get the most (besides how to make money online) is what theme I use and what themes I recommend.

I recently wrote a post about how I switched themes months ago because the latest one I had purchased was so complicated so editing it was difficult.

To date, over the last decade of having my blog at I have purchased more than $5,000 worth of themes.

Most of these themes are either not as promised or WAY over complicated with crappy support when I wanted to customize it and not to mention getting a refund is a nightmare.

Then I found the magazine theme by MyThemeShop. It was VERY easy to initially setup, and their support is amazing.

When I needed help with css or items even unrelated to the theme they responded promptly with the exact code I needed and the exact steps and where to place it (within the theme).

I was so impressed with them that I offered to create a testimonial that you will see on their site.  I did this free of charge.  I also granted them permission to use my image on their Facebook advertising (which I get messages daily that they are using it LOL).  Again totally free of charge.

I told them (many months ago) I was going to post about it on my blog and if I could get a code for a percentage off for my readers.

To my surprise they gave me a code for 50% of my ShoeMoney people.

This is a $70 theme normally but you can scoop it up for only $34.95!

The only catch is that they have only allocated 500 coupon codes so this is something you want to jump on.

Just make sure that you click on the coupon when you check out,  remove anything that is there, and put in “shoemoney” (without the quotes) and it will immediately take 50% off of your cart price.

Here is your link to this theme directly.

Also keep in mind you will get 50% off of all items.  They not only just this theme.  They also have amazing plugins that are simple to implement, high quality, and easy to edit if you need to.

So go grab this before the coupons run out.