What was it like to make my first million dollars?

Stubjj844 – Where did you learn to do….whatever the hell it is you do lol?? Do you remember your first million and what was that like?

Long story short – I started fucking around with a website where you could upload ringtones and the site would convert them into any phone format.   I didn’t know dick about making websites I just downloaded some books on html and then found a bunch of code online I copied or hacked away to make it worked.

Then I lost my job cause all I really did at work was work on my website.

2 weeks later Google called me and said I can make money installing their adsense product.

The next month I went to the bank and cashed an unemployment check for $350 and also a check from Google for $136,994.37.  That was my last unemployment check.

From there I really learned how to make money online studying the revenue models with donations,  affiliate marketing, arbitrage, selling dropshipped products, and even subscriptions.

The next year I did almost 3 million in gross revenue I forget the profit but it was a pretty high profit marin somewhere around 80%.

Honestly I always felt like it was going to go away at any day so I never blew money on anything.

The funny thing is I took a picture with that check cause I thought well when this goes to shit maybe I can sell a book about how I went from unemployment to making 130k/month.   Little did I know that would be the last month Google would send out paper checks over 10k (they only do wires) so nobody else has a picture like that.

My book is called Nothing’s Changed but my Change which is really super true.   Yea I put away a lot of cash but I still remember what it was like to be flat ass broke and I never want to feel that again.

Having money is not everything but not having it is.   Been on both sides of that shit.

The most rewarding part is I take 15% of my earnings every year and donate it to charity.  I also take a percentage and try to help my friends back from my home that need help.

One year I gave my mom 10k
in $1 bills like one of those glass containers that you would win on a game show.

Thats really the best part,  being able to really change people’s lives.  Sorry that sounds sappy.

I have friends with new ferrari’s and lambo’s and pickup 30k tabs and shit.   Blow 10k on hookers and blow in a night.

That wont be me… ever…

Don’t get me wrong I have picked up a few 4 figure tabs on very rare occasions and ONE time blew 8k at a strip club in North Carolina.  I wanted to shoot myself in the face for like a week.

Anyway hope that answers your question.