Who do I look up to as far as a mentor/guru

A great question that recently came in through our contact us form.

KingJamesCodpiece – Thanks again for the AMA ShoeMoney!

Who are some people in the industry you look up to? Do guys like you want to axe kick the “gurus” who make all their money online selling stuff on how to make money online?

People I look up to – I kind of respect everyone and listen to about anyone but I wouldn’t say I “follow” anyone in particular.   Most of the top marketing or business guys by the time they are famous they are pretty far removed from what they are actually teaching so listening to them is a lot.  If that makes sense.

For instance everyone looks up to Seth Godin or Tim Ferris as the ultimate guru marketers but the real thing is those guys are now sitting in a white ivory tower and havent really done anything other than write books for many years so their theorys and best practices are less about sharing experiences on how they built a business and more focused on what you should do… which they actually don’t know anything about because the technology and techniques they talk about were not even around when they did their big things… So its just theorys in the end which I don’t find that much value in.

The guru’s – I am more fascinated by how guys DO make money by making products on how to make money.  Its pretty remarkable actually and there is a LOT to be learned from them.  I don’t actualy ever judge what they are selling…  I think I have become numb to that aspect of it…

Its really nothing new.  I have friends that just understand business and they can go into an industry like a restaurant or bar which have the highest rates of failure for a new company and be amazingly successful.  Then they also own apartment buildings and a dry cleaner and other shit.

Take that concept to the internet.    Before I made my own products and services I sold other people’s on a commission through affiliate marketing.  AND I did it better than them AND on smaller margins.  I have done everything from porn to pills to poker to ringtones to netflix and pretty much about anything.   I just have a knack for finding unique angles to sell shit.

I mean think about it.  Take a guy like johnchow from johnchow.com.   Dude started a blog about how other people make money…  Then started selling his own product about how to make a blog that makes money and he’s made millions over the last 5 years or so.   He has no technical ability whatsoever and started on a free blogging platform.

A big thing I have learned is that its never about the product its always about what you can get the consumer to invision the product doing for them.  For instance my kitchen cabinents are filled with bullshit products like mixers and crocpots and magic bullets and what not that were used like once.

The people that piss me off are the ones that use my images to sell their products.  That shit pisses me off and I go after them.