ALG Google Employee Responds After Google Dismisses Publisher Theft Allegations

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91332634465Back in April, a person claiming to be a Google AdSense employee leaked information posting all of Google’s policies and making some strong allegations that Google is outright stealing money from publishers.

Shortly after Google responded to Techcrunch saying it was all made up… basically.  I found that interesting because out of all the court cases and other stuff said about Adwords and AdSense, Google has never publicly refuted claims.  I almost thought this gave the information credibility…

Anyway after Google responded the alleged former Google’r posted another response backing up their claims:

Begin response:

I am the former Google employee that had leaked the information regarding AdSense. I am writing this second part as a response to certain misconceptions and confusions my previous leak has generated within articles and websites regarding it.

Firstly, many have asked why I did not approach the leak in a more official capacity and bring my information to the attention of law enforcement. I want to make myself perfectly clear, my employment documents (such as the NDA’s and non-competes) have very strict wording when it comes to releasing internal information in regards to processes and privy information. Google is not just some little company with little means of repercussion. They have gone after other internal leakers and were successful in damaging and ruining their lives on multiple levels. I do not want to be the next one.

I honestly believe very little would have been done if I had brought the information solely to law enforcement, even on the federal level. Google would have simply lawyered up and made it go away (which they have done before). I felt it was better to release the information to the public and let the publishers who suffered the thefts bring forth a civil case against Google. I think a civil action against Google will carry more weight to it, and have a much stronger outcome to the public than a federal case would. The second reason would be that my identity would be front and center if I had approached law enforcement, and if Google were to have squash it immediately I would not have been able to anonymously release the information to the public as a backup plan. The third reason is fear. I do not want to be in the direct identifiable crosshairs of Google’s legal department. I have taken very extreme measures to cover my tracks and identity. I know what they can do, and I know which services and servers do what. I have made sure everything leads to dead ends and that tracking will be virtually impossible. I wasn’t hired by Google for my body. I know, right now, there is a team inside Google working very hard to track me down. They will scour every service and product they have access to in an attempt to find me. But they might as well quit right now, I am an insider and know the inner workings. I know the how’s, the why’s, and who’s. It will be quite futile on their part, but I will still exercise extreme caution.

In regards to my wording of the leaked information. I had planned and carefully thought out every word and every way I had said it. Everything was planned. The timing. The wording. Everything. It is not by accident, nor are there any accidental omissions. Of course I was not going to use terms only employees and former employees would know to explain everything. That would be simply foolish. I kept it informative and only mentioned a few select terms so that Google themselves would know I was who I said I was, because only an employee would have known. So everyone must know that I wrote it for the public, not for Google employees.

Lastly, and more importantly, there has been lots of talk about my information not stating any names and that I did not provide any hard proof. Many individuals have brushed off my information as a falsehood solely due to that and claim that I have nothing substantial. I want you to go a reread my previous information release. Where did I exactly say I did not have proof or hard evidence?

Because I do. I have communications. I have documents, I have files, I have lists, and I have names. I have all of it. Like I said from the beginning, I have carefully waited and carefully planned everything out. I do everything with reason and purpose. I have to be exceptionally careful in every way. So you ask why haven’t I released it? The answer, if I release everything I have now, it will give Google too many possible avenues to discover my identity. Also doing thing such as publicly naming people and giving Google a pre-emptive look at what I have will only make them prepare for the class action lawsuit that will hit them. They won’t be caught off guard and they will have time to come up with excuses and explanations in attempts to rid themselves of this issue. I do not want that to happen. I want the people to win. I want those who had money they earned, that was stolen from them, to get the right to fight for it on equal grounding. That is why I have chosen to only release it to the legal representatives of the class action lawsuit against Google in regards to AdSense. If those representative decide to release it, then it is up to them, but right now as it stands, I will not. I will carefully monitor the situation and wait to see how it forms and pick the right timing for the release of the evidence to the legal representatives. If several months go by and no class action lawsuit manifests, then I will have to selectively release a few key pieces of evidence to the public at large.

The information and evidence I have is extensive and quite detailed, it will also paint a very different picture of what Google is really like to the public.

For those who have a difficult time believing my information I ask you to simply ask Google and their representatives the right questions related to my first release of information. Force them to answer those questions specifically. Ask them “is there a VIP status for publishers”, ask them “why do account bans always seem to occur just before payouts”, ask them “why do you fail to provide reasons and evidence of your allegations against publishers”. Keep asking such questions, keep digging, and you will come to find out by yourselves that everything I have stated is completely true. Like many have said, it will be difficult for them to hide it now.

17 thoughts on “ALG Google Employee Responds After Google Dismisses Publisher Theft Allegations

  1. David Melamed

    If I ever had any faith in the original allegations, this second response has made me completely dismiss it as the rantings of a self-absorbed, narcissistic, nut job.

    It is has me so dismissive that I would suspect this is a PR stunt by Google to drive attention to their struggling adsense product…

    Strategy: release damaging accusations, leave them unsubstantiated, release second post that sounds like you are better at planning than God, and let the public come back from the experience trusting Google even more and being aware of Adsense as a viable ad product in a world that is rapidly turning native.

    1. Jack H.

      I never thought of it as a PR ploy but that does stand to make some sense. If that’s true how totally shaddy is that?

    2. Chiappa

      Doesnt make any sense just as the original story itself. And for those who didn’t know, Google ads business model is built so that the more there are clicks the more they get money. Duh:)

  2. james

    will the truth be revealed anytime soon ? thank god i am no longer dependent on adsense. Affiliate marketing FTW.

  3. P. Corningstone

    As much as I wish that Google would get what’s coming to them, they won’t. They just won’t they’re just too powerful and do too many ‘good things’ for anyone to take real action against them.

  4. Caroline D.

    I know people are still doubting the authenticity of this claim, but I believe it holds some serious water. I have heard much about this lately as I’m sure Google is desperately trying to burry this stuff.

  5. Brenden

    Google isn’t the first to fuck with people and they sure as hell won’t be the last.

  6. Stacey

    This guy (or gal) who wrote this WILL be found and they’re going to be sorry for trying to rise up against our Google overlords.

  7. TVFB

    He/She mentions a couple of times that people who have gone public have had their lives ruined by Google lawyering up. Do we know any of these previous claims against Google? I thought it would be somewhat a big deal if someone when public with this sort of thing. And even if you got lawyered out of it, you could still take the second route (Like this person has) and send it to media etc.

  8. Jay Patel

    This is crazy. Google was notorious with adsense publishers back in 2010-11. I still remember that tons of Pakistani people were banned from Adsense back then.

    It would be really interesting to see what happens next.

  9. Carlin

    Kind of doubtful about the letter. If the accusation really is true, the person could have spoken up to CNN or any major TV media, and not just here on the Internet.

  10. Serg

    What a nut job.

    ” Ask them “is there a VIP status for publishers”, ask them “why do account bans always seem to occur just before payouts”, ask them “why do you fail to provide reasons and evidence of your allegations against publishers”. ”

    Even as a non Google employee I can answer those questions easily. It’s all in the TOS, a well informed/well read human will be able to clearly understand those.

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