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AdClarity - Media Intelligence PlatformI read an article awhile back about AdClarity Media Intelligence on TechCrunch. At that time the PAR Program wasn’t ready for what they had to offer, yet. Then a couple of week’s ago one of my employees brought it back to my attention, and I’m glad she did because this thing is awesome!

AdClarity is the premier Saas (Software as a service) solution for online advertising tracking and analysis. The best part is that it is all automated. With these guys you can explore any site, advertiser, agency, ad network or exchange and get complete analysis of its online activity. Not only can you track your own campaigns, but you can track your competitors giving you the edge you’ve been looking for. AdClarity isn’t just limited to the US, either. You can track your own or your competition’s advertising around the globe in several different countries. You get full transparency on the entire eco-system of online media and advertising.

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AdClarity Media Intelligence uses advanced crawlers to monitor over 250,000 domains multiple times a day, using local IPs from 20 countries which unveil the advertisers, campaigns, ads and mediators running specifically on sites in those countries, AdClarity currently provides the most robust coverage of online advertising out of all the BI tools in the industry.


The company was started by a team of visionaries who had a lot of experience in different roles within the digital advertising industry, led by Kfir Moyal (founder of Matomy). They were frustrated by the opacity of the industry. So they did what I would have done and went out to create something themselves. They developed a system that offers the necessary transparency into competitors’ activities, and the industry as a whole.

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With the development of the PAR Program, I have loved using this system. We’re not the only email marketing platform out there but this software allows me to know what our competitors are doing and how we can continue to kick their asses. I can monitor by country or even by vertical at a high level or get crazy specific details. AdClarity Media Intelligence is the only existing BI tool that provides real-time notifications so you’re not left waiting for a weekly or monthly report to generate. If I don’t want to wait until they email me information, knowing where I stand is a easy as checking in through the product dashboard. They’ve got killer customer service and a dedicated account management staff. You can sign up for a one day trial for only $.99, totally worth it to find out if it’s for you.

12 thoughts on “Competitive Advertising Intelligence with AdClarity Media Intelligence

  1. William Weiland

    I wasn’t even aware that something like this existed. I mean I’ve used google analytics for a few years but it never really gave me any insight on what the other guys were up to. Thanks Jeremy! I hope this helps you kick the asses of all the other email marketing companies.

  2. Daisy Snow

    Just a buck to try it? That’s not too bad. You should have had them hook you up with a promo code for your fans though, Jeremy. I hate shelling over my credit card information over the internet even if it is just for a buck. Call me paranoid.

  3. Marshall

    oooooh this looks cool. I just started out in affiliate marketing after reading your book and I just don’t have the time to dedicate to tracking what everyone is doing.

    1. Paul Schlegel

      Totally different. This is designed to track the display advertising of you and your competitors. If you are thinking of getting into Real Time Bidding (RTB), you definitely want something like this.

  4. Dream Maker

    So are their different levels of service? Like right now I don’t need anything super in depth but I can see the value of soemthing like this. Down the line as I grown I know that I’m going to want somethign more and will be willing to pay for it, but I’d love the chance to see where I am now and where I’m going.

  5. Oliver Moore

    I signed up earlier this morning after reading about this on your blog. I gotta say, I’m pretty damn impressed. I can’t believe how quick that data is available and easily it is laid out.

  6. Danielle

    While AdClarity is a solid solution, there are a few things I’d like to note on WhatRunsWhere, another option for competitive intelligence…

    We’re confident we have more data (that is updated daily) tracking over 150,000 unique publishers for each of our countries – currently there are 15. We also offer insights from 50,000+ mobile publishers and 60,000+ Android apps, and have dedicated in site live support.

    We too have a $1 trial and overall, our monthly subscription cost is lower. Happy to answer any questions or give anyone a demo!

    Danielle, Marketing @whatrunswhere

  7. Tamar Garfunkel

    Hi Danielle,
    In fact, AdClarity has far more data than the figures you quoted. As Jeremy accurately noted in this review, we currently monitor over 250,000 domains in over 20 countries (it’s actually close to 300,000 now), which means that our system monitors approximately 5 million urls multiple times a day and detects millions of creatives.

    We of course see the importance of covering additional channels, which is why AdClarity will also begin to detect social and mobile media within the upcoming month. We firmly believe in depth and reliability of data, which is why we spent time increasing our coverage, adding on new countries and detecting new ad formats such as pop ups, pop-unders, text ads and also providing CPM rates for publishers, before we expand to other channels.

    However, it is not just the amount of data that sets our system apart, but the fact that AdClarity unveils the entire advertising eco-system of any media player in the market, whether they’re a publisher, advertiser or Ad Network/ Agency.

    We offer free enterprise trials. Let’s suggest that Jeremy’s readers try both systems and go with whichever performs best.

    We don’t claim to be the least expensive, but we do guarantee the best results.


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