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Got my @pebble smartphone watch

by Jeremy Schoemaker on March 24, 2014 · 10 comments

On Facebook one day Scott Richter posted about his Pebble watch.  I had not heard of this before and being the nerd I am I had to have it.

Scott Raja Richter

The Pebble watch integrates via bluetooth with your android or iPhone and displays alerts like texts, emails, and even Skype messages.  You can probably have it do more but those are the initial things I am using.

Setup is a breeze.  You pair the watch, it updates to the newest firmware and your done.  If you don’t have message center enabled you need to do that but by default its enabled so pretty much everyone should be good to go.

Initially I had some order problems (or what I thought was going to be a problem).  I never received any sort of confirmation email and support never responded (they are overloaded).

Nobody else reported this though and I think it might be because I placed the order through my mobile phone.

Now as cool as it is I just want to point out some of the negatives.

  • Its a black and white screen.
  • To someone non technical integrating 3rd party apps outside of Facebook is not easy.
  • Their customer support sucks.
  • It seems limited.

But for me just getting texts is a huge value.  A lot of times if my phone is charging or its in my pocket and I miss them its nice to see the message popup.  Especially when I am in a meeting but waiting on someone responding with some important stuff.

Overall I really like it.  One of the things with new tech like this is you have to understand 90% of it is proof of concept.  It works really well and now going forward I expect them to really do some cool stuff with it.  Hopefully they can stay ahead of their competitors.

Its only $150 and some competitors coming out with their’s are starting at $300 plus.  So like I said this is functional and does what I want.

You might want to hold off to get one until the next couple revisions which I am sure will have a color screen and other bells and whistles.

Their sales are through the roof and its the most funded thing ever on kickstarter.  Eventually I am sure they will sort out their support issues as they scale up the company.

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1 faisal

This is so old, Jeremy, you do stay under a rock.

2 Michael Reyes

A decent device I guess. I would give it more time as you say Jeremy before investing in one. It is obviously still in Alpha.

Shoemoney 3 Rueben C.

I’m still waiting for you to get google glass and give us a review on that. I’m surprised they haven’t selected you to do be one of their test guru.

Shoemoney 4 Anna

I love my pebble watch. Love love love it!

Shoemoney 5 Devin

I just don’t understand these smart watches. How hard is it to look at your phone rather than your wrist?

6 Online Income For Everyone!

If this is what you want and will do for you then go for it.

Shoemoney 7 Anonymous

Who needs a watch, eventually we’re just going to have technology embedded into our skulls.

Shoemoney 8 Tonja

I didn’t think this was compatiable with the iPhone….

Shoemoney 9 Brooke Kelly.

Give it another month and this will be old news.

Shoemoney 10 Marcus

You need that in blue man instead of black.

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