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SearchFest Recap

by Jeremy Schoemaker on March 20, 2014 · 12 comments

SONY DSCWhen I landed in Portland, Scott Hendison picked up from airport. I met Scott originally because he attended my Elite Retreat events. He had invited me to give the closing keynote speech for SearchFest PDX. The premise of the talk was that they had this woman named Joanna Lord who was representing the new school of SEO and performance marketing and I was giving the closing keynote representing the ‘Old School’.
During the event, it was really cool. I ran into a couple of familiar faces. It’s been interesting over the years in the search engine optimization industry how many people have dropped off over time. This super large, really tight crew of probably 20-30 people who were always together and now I’m lucky if I even see one or two of them. But the new people that I got to meet are really awesome people.

While I was there I didn’t even intend to get any business for the PAR Program but we’ve picked up a couple of clients just by talking with people about what I’m doing with my email marketing platform. I generally don’t look at these kind of conferences and events as a way to gain clients, but it just happened to work out that way this time. We’ve picked up two PAR clients from the event and are still in the talks with a possible third. So that’s really cool.

Anyway, back to my talk. Well first of all, I just want to say they really put on a great event. It was small enough so that people could network really well and get to know each other. There were like 400-500 people in attendance. It was a truly awesome event. Over the course of the two days ran into most people at the conference. I met a lot of really cool people.

Ok back to my speech, for real this time. The keynote was a bit challenging in that I don’t think of myself as “old school”. What I mean by challenging is I don’t think of myself as “old school.” When I think of “old school” I think of the original SEO rock stars from webmaster radio. I remember calling in for the first time, was so scared and how I sounded like a little bitch back in 2005 before I hit my stride in internet marketing. Little did I know that two years later I would have my own radio show on webmaster radio and be this expert guru.

My talk was not about how I was old school in the industry, I talked about how my old school methods have brought me success through-out my life. The general talk itself was really more about consumer acquisition. That is the same whether you’re doing politics, non-profits or e-commerce, lead generation, affiliate marketing or whatever. The more you can relate to your consumer and engage with them and earn their trust the more likely you are acquire them and the more likely they are to do business with you in the future.
I related this all the way back to 1994 when I was selling washers and dryers at Sears. I had this re-occurring customer base. The people I sold stuff to, I gave people value and they came back to me because I built trust and provided value. They knew they could come back to me if they had problems and I would take care of them. I had people come in and if I wasn’t there would come back when I was. It really all started there. People get distracted by all the shiny lights and other shit, but the core of what we’re really doing is taking that ‘in person’ experience and applying it to where we are now on the internet. The experience has evolved. I just don’t mean internet advertising; I also mean the evolution of radio, television, newspapers, magazines and now the internet. People have had to find a way to deliver that same experience to build that relationship and trust that people get by visiting in person.

I talked about how I have done this with all of my companies over the years and how we’re doing it now with the PAR Program and our clients. I showed a step-by-step example of how it works and the dramatic impact it has for the companies that we’ve implemented it with. The talk was good and light hearted, plus the crowd was awesome. As far as talks go, I’m pretty critical of myself, but I have to say that this was one of my best talks.

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1 windsurf akademia

I learned a lot again, thanks.

2 windsurf akademia

So a reorganize my site again !

Shoemoney 3 Wendy Onlok

I was so sad that I couldn’t make it to the conference. I’m glad you were able to attend. I had a few friends go who said you were awesome.

Shoemoney 4 Claude

Scott is awesome! I’m glad to hear about you guys collaborating together even if it is just for event purposes.

Shoemoney 5 maggie

You need to take more photos, Shoe!

Shoemoney 6 Paul Larson

I love what you say about bringing the value of an in-person experience via other mediums. It seems like people’s attention spans get shorter and shorter and we have less time to convince them to choose our business over the competitors.

Shoemoney 7 Tommy Collins

You get to travel to all the good places, Jeremy! lol oregon, you poor bastard.

Shoemoney 8 Sean

I loved the conference! It was just like you said, big enough to be worth attending but small enough to network and get to know people. I think I made some really solid connections. It was great meeting you. Thanks again for signing a book for me, you’re a really chill dude!

Shoemoney 9 Eric

Where did you get the scraf, bro? That’s some fancy duds right there!

Shoemoney 10 Peg T.

I wish you had a video of your talk. I always get something new from each time I hear you speak but I can’t travel to all the places that you do.

11 faisal

Amazing learning indeed.

12 Online Income For Everyone!

Conference was loaded with great material! Very good information to take away.

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