Mark your November Calendars @IRLinfo


February is a crazy month of travel and I just signed on for another event in November. I’m giving you guys plenty of notice. I’ll be the closing Keynote speaker at the IRL (In Real Life) Conference. This is the first year of this conference so you have a chance to get in on the ground floor. The event will be happening in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace November 15th-17th.


Here’s some information about it from the IRL Website:

“In Real Life is a conference brand. Passionate in sharing online success. A free thinking, free speaking community of Internet Marketers.

There are many conferences and events covering the ever-changing and challenging internet marketing webscape. In a rapidly growing environment, to be a successful technopreneur you need to be dynamic and bold. Unfortunately some of the established conferences are a little lame and way too safe; too scared to make a stand against current trends or welcome controversy.

The IRL conference wants to encourage free speech, nurture free thought and embrace an online future.

For 3 days we want you to step away from your laptops; to listen and to meet the people behind the success stories; to network and to enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. Those intelligent, hard working IM guru’s and ambassadors who have felt the pain but won the game In Real Life.”

They’re offering some awesome early bird special pricing right now if you’re looking to save some money. Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

17 thoughts on “Mark your November Calendars @IRLinfo

  1. Daniel Hanh

    Never heard of this but it sounds like they have some pretty solid speakers lined up and I’m always looking for a reason to go to Las Vegas….I just might see you there, friend!

    1. Craig Rayner

      Hi Daniel, thanks for the positive response to the first IRL conference. We are aiming to provide an SEO/IM conference with plenty of attitude for those who want to hear the way to do it, in real life. We’re very speaker-centric trying to get the best together under one roof. It’s an ambitious undertaking (especially as we in the UK) but so far we are extremely excited with the speakers we have firmed up including of course Jeremy. We hope you get time to come to the 3 day conference. Very generous Early Bird now on – very limited time and quantity, ends in one month. Email me for any further info. Cheers.

  2. Trey Leno

    Aw man, I’m going to be out of town that week. I hope you have a totally awesome conference. You always give such thrilling talks.

  3. Mr. Skillz

    I heard about this. Bunch of UK guys, right? Funny that they’re bringing it all the way over here to start, but whatever man. Vegas is known for conferences for a reason!

    1. Craig Rayner

      Hi Mr Skillz, we are indeed from across the pond but we have a small forum which is 80% visited by you US chaps. This first SEO / IM conf just had to be in Vegas. Let’s face it if you fail and it blows up in your face, you may as well go out with a bang and a smile on your face! We are totally chuffed (do you guys say that?) with our speaker line up including the awesome Jeremy. Hope you can make it.

  4. Carla Twins

    Sounds pretty awesome, I’m just out in Reno so I might have to meander down that way and check it out.

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