Fear the Fighter clothing screws former MMA fighter @Fearthefighter

i 2Visiting my favorite mixed martial arts forum over the weekend I came across this thread where Erik Apple – recently retired MMA fighter turned race car driver,  calls out one of the fastest growing MMA apparel for not paying him.

In the thread titled “Attn: Fear the Fighter- David- time to pay up” – Erik says that Fear Fighter contractually agreed to sponsor him for $7,500. He says the amount is 8 months past due and they are not responding to him other than threatening to sue him for what seems like just taking this public.

Now you might be thinking “big deal it’s another forum where there is another person complaining”. I assure you this is not the case. The UG forum, for the most part, does a very good job weeding out crap.

This forum is frequented by a large portion of professional fighters and MMA executives like UFC president Dana White and UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who frequently post and chime in on discussions.

So mix in the quality of forum members and the quantity of people (1 MILLION unique visitors a month according to certified quantcast results ) and this brand is f’d.

Just watch as the mob will start to call on current sponsored fighters to get their take…

There is already a strong call for a Boycott and some even going as far as saying they will make sure to inform people they see wearing the brand about how they 20140209-115338.jpgscrew over fighters.

Even rival clothing brands have jumped into the thread alluding to the fact that this is not the first time that Fear the Fighter has screwed over athletes.

Specifically rival clothing brand Triumph United’s Tommy Soistman, Marketing Coordinator, had this to say:

Sucks that I know some people sponsored by them as well. Treat your athletes right!

Here is the thing. When Fear the Fighter failed to respond, right or wrong, the story is told.

In the MMA community they will forever now be known as the company that screws over fighters.

It’s sad cause the MMA clothing industry is as competitive of a business as they come. Since UFC 151 Fear the Fighter has been gaining huge traction in the MMA community and mainstream.

But now every time I see a FTF shirt I will remember them as deadbeats.

I haven’t added them to the deadbeat report yet as there is still a chance President David Makdessi will honor his companies agreement.