Jan recap – f’n A


Another month…  January always goes by quickly with Affiliate Summit and other stuff.

I have a pretty crazy February planned travel wise.  Tampa this week,  Kansas City the next, and Portland near the end of the month.

I was hoping to 100% focus on raising capital January & February…   I mean after all it’s a historically low month for new clients (right?).

Well between Affiliate Summit and my Keynote at NamesCon,  as of today,  signed 3 clients so far and have 3 more “ready” to sign.  I never count on the “readys” until it’s a done deal.

Let’s just say that if these 6 pan out, our revenue will instantly increase 40% over all and because some of these are such huge brands I can see them doubling our revenue.

So ya… so much for focusing 100% on raising money…   I guess that will happen if it’s meant to be.

Here is to a great February!

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