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While in Las Vegas earlier this month I got the chance to meet some really awesome people at the NamesCon conference. I got a chance to speak with Leah from Water School, a charity focused on educating people about the process of obtaining safe drinking water.

If you’d like to learn more or donate, check them out at www.waterschool.comĀ 

13 thoughts on “Talking with @waterschool while @Namescon

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    It’s great your helping bring more awareness of the need for clean water throughout the world. The plastic containers holding water in many cases are leaching toxins back into the water we drink.

    I’m a big water user and usually opt for distilled with some minerals re-introduced back in. Because of this I feel strongly on this topic. BPE is a problem and needs to be fully addressed.

    Thanks Waterschool for ongoing education!

    Tim Wayne

  2. Janet

    BPAs are AWFUL for you. I got rid of all the plastic cooking and food storage in my house a couple of years ago and went with glass. So much better for you.

  3. Andy Lambert

    It is so cool how you get involved with so many organizations that give back. Just really cool. Thanks for being awesome.

  4. Steve Trace

    It is absurd how different cultures are in other parts of the world. To us in the US, clean water is only steps away and we’re preached about how to make sure we’re gettin 8+ glasses of it a day, but then there’s other places where getting ANY clean water for DAYS is an issue.

  5. George Gates

    Glad to see someone else bringing awareness to this. Everyone seemed to be praising bottled water for awhile there, but yea you’re totally drinking plastic because of the leaching that happens.

  6. dk - Purpose Inc

    I am so thrilled to hear you talking about this. For the commenters worried about the toxins in the water. This is not a solution for people in Beverly Hills worried about cancer risk when they are 73 years old.

    This is a solution for people who might literally die this year at the age of 13 from dehydrating diarrhea because their water is full of Cholera or Typhoid. The simple concept of water school is to put your murky river water in a plastic bottle, and let it sit in the sun for 1 to 2 days, depending on the sun level, to kill most of the bacteria and viruses in the water.

    This is simple, and genius. Later when these people are not dying before the age of 20 from contagious diseases, we can help them the next level with older people type cancer risks and other first world problems.

    I know that Richard Lau puts an enormous amount of his own time and money into this, and it is one of my favorite charities. It means a lot to me to see this being promoted publicly. They literally can save lives for every dollar they get.

    Disclaimer – This is not medical advice, I am not suggeting anyone follow this, and you should study Water Schools full information before using this technique.

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