Joel Comm Challenges Google with New Info Product

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Remember when Google went apeshit over the make money online products with their name on it?

Google Money Tree, Google Pro and Google Treasure Chest were immediately sued by Google AND the FTC at the same time. The result was that they had to refund every customer and pay an undisclosed fine. The restitution was over 2 million alone.

But now the stakes are bigger for people using manipulative tactics to suck people in.

download (1)With Obama’s new Operation Choke Point initiative, the Department of Justice is aggressively going after make money from home offers. This means prison…. in addition to fines.

Now mix in the fact that Google is one of Obama’s biggest contributors and Google’s executives acting as advisors in the Obama administration it’s very unlikely anyone would go down the path of misleading people by selling them a product that promises Google is going to give them a job… Right???

Well Joel Comm is up for the challenge… evidently…

On Weds I got this email:

Date: Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 4:04 PM
Subject: New Google Service PAYS YOU
To: “Jeremy@Shoemoney.Com” <>

Google Will Pay YOU for This!
This is one of those things that you either jump on early or miss the boat…
and a boat load of money!
Google has a brand new way of paying people, like you, big bucks.  No, it’s
not AdSense!  It’s much better!  It even pays much more!
You don’t even need a website!
It’s called Google HelpOuts, but there is a trick to it!  Joel Comm has figured
out the best way to make money with this and he is the FIRST to share it
with a comprehensive breakdown on how to make the most money possible with it.
See how to crush this now:
I really hope you have the foresight to take advantage of Google this time!

I don’t see this ending well for Joel…

16 thoughts on “Joel Comm Challenges Google with New Info Product

  1. Dave

    I’m not a nitpicker when it comes to spelling, but “a lone” has got to be Shoemoney trolling everyone.

  2. Charmain

    Seriously, doesn’t the government have anything better to do? There are wars going on and people who can’t get the things they need to simply live, but now they’re going after this? Woo look at our tax dollars hard at fucking work.

  3. Brandon

    I am a legitimate business person. Yes I work from home. Yes I share my success with others and charge them a minimal fee. It is capitalism, oh no!

  4. Boyd

    prison? Really? Just plain ridiculous. Yes because ‘scammers’ (half of whom are actually legit) deserve to be looked up with pedophiles, rapists, murders and the like. The fucking politicans are the ones that need to be locked up if anythign for the henious crimes the commit against society on the daily.

  5. Ray

    I got the same email. It seemed like a new angle. The interesting thing was he kind of gave up the farm in telling everyone the vehicle used to make money. If you have a brain you can use their service for money and hone it to make more.

  6. Jonas Little


  7. Mark

    I’m amazed that Google doesn’t just hand you a warning before slapping out a nasty, vicious fine and forcing refunds like that.

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