Want to get started making money online and want to know where to start?

About every other day I hear from people who have lost their jobs or they are in dire situations and that want to get started making money online. A lot of them have stories that are very heart wrenching. Unfortunately, a lot of people are in a position where they need to make fast cash right away but unfortunately making money online is probably not the answer for that.

20 Key Ingredients to Throwing the Best Party Ever | Pleated-Jeans.comRegardless, I wanted to put together a guide for people who are curious about the world of making money online, as kind of a bookmark. It is the least I can do for people, instead of ignoring their questions (just as they get lost in the shuffle of things).

I can understand why people look to making money online. They read the countless stories of successful people that are making money online and they want that, too. I recently released my complete training course. (Which you can enroll in here if you haven’t already.) It actually comes free when you enroll on my newsletter also.

So let’s jump into it.

First off, let me say that making money online is a job.As sexy as it sounds or as sexy as other people are make it out to be, it’s something that you’re going to have to develop a skill at. And not just one skill, like eight traits, if you will. It’s not going to happen overnight. In fact, for me, it was 2 to 3 years before I ever made any money on the Internet. Now, with the opportunities today, I don’t think it will take nearly that long for someone to start earning a living on the Internet, but I just want to preface this by saying it is a job. And it is going to take sometime.

First let’s talk about the quickest way that I know to make money on the Internet.

This is called arbitrage. It’s a combination of online and off-line ways to make money from the Internet. This can be done by browsing all of the deal sites such as slick deals or FatWallet. Many times you’ll discover on these websites have incredible deals on computers hard drives, all kinds of technical equipment, iPads, accessories and other various kinds of equipment. These items can be found at  significantly discounted prices.

You can purchase these items at these dramatic discounts then turn around and sell them. They can be sold on places like eBay or even your local craigslist. A surprising amount of consumers do not know about any of these websites or the deals to be had. This gives you the upper hand. You are able to list the products as new as that’s what you’re buying and reselling.

Before I actually “made money online” this is what I was doing. And I made a very good living doing this on the side while I had a full-time job. I would buy computers that were refurbished and part them out and so the parts could be individually sold on eBay. I would make 200% to 1000% return on my money and I would only pay $50-$100 per computer. It was a really fun time for me and I found it very very interesting.

It is an amazing time that we live in right now, filled with opportunities regardless of what you find interesting. You are selling to a worldwide consumer base and you’re also buying on a worldwide consumer base. A lot of people don’t understand the offers that are out there. That’s where arbitrage comes in. It’s actually just the profit from a market imbalance.

So that’s the fastest way to make money online that I know. I’ll admit that at requires at least some money to get started. Even if it’s a very low amount.With that said, of course, you can do some pre-research on what items are selling for on eBay by looking under completed listings. Don’t go off of what people are asking to sell items for. But make sure you look at the completed listings to see what items are actually sold for. This will give you a gauge of the margin you can make on what you can buy them for an profit.