Shut your hole unless you have been there, done that

shut your face - Google SearchI remember talking to Seth Godin a couple years ago and he told me the reason he doesn’t allow comments on his blog or on Twitter/Facebook is that he can’t handle anonymous criticism. He went on to talk about how he wishes everyone had to present an ID of sorts to make a comment online.

Now I have always embraced feedback…


When I see people on FB/Twitter/Comments Section make remarks about how I am “failing”, or “missing revenue because I am not doing X”,  Or  as what just happened recently: some guy just made a post talking about people that have popups on their website.  Of course he has ZERO quantified data, though.

Here is what I do… when I surf around the internet and see something that I would do different BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE I will simply share with the person something like,  “Hey I see you’re doing X.  With X company/site I did X like this and saw a big result.  Just wanted to share that with you”

Quantified results.  Take from it what you will.

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