Driving YOU to a Fortune

A few weeks ago I did an interview on my experience with a very interesting company on their affiliate network. I was able to get Jeffrey John from Oranum on the webinar to talk about his affiliate network. If you have not watched the interview I highly suggest you need to and also pay attention to the special tricks at the end that Jeffrey and I share.

Check out the webinar here: http://www.shoemoney.com/2013/11/26/time-tested-affiliate-program-big-opportunity

Jeffrey and his staff at Oranum have been great to work with and just be a little work I was able to make $4,100.00 .


I know … I always say I am done being an affiliate marketer but sometimes I just cannot contain the itch. The Spiritual community at Oranum provides readings with psychics for members. It is a unique concept in that these psychics are live chatting and video streaming with their members. They are not like MOST of the other communities out there that send out the same reading to everyone. They also have an awesome payout process. They couldn’t make it any easier for someone to get their money with an every two week payout and you can even choose what method you prefer from check, wire, to even using their out payout platform.

We asked you during the webinar to send in your questions. We appreciate the flood of questions that came in and here are the best questions asked:

Q) How does the payout process work?

A) Oranum pays out on two different ways to webmasters:

  • 100 CPA. They pay $100 after each unique first purchase. Here’s the great thing the amount of purchase does not matter. If the member only buy $20 package, we still pay $100. This is one time payment/purchasing member.
  • 50% revenue share:  Based on the purchase they pay 50% of the purchase a member makes to webmaster

Q) How do we signup for the affiliate program?

A) There is an easy one page sign-up form. After signing up affiliates get: link codes, banners, live feed, iFrame, Freechat object, XML codes, faux chat. If there is not a banner that fits they will make one for you!

Q) How does the reporting work?

A) Affiliates can track their traffic sent to ORANUM by campaign, by referral link, by day, or by program.

Q) Is there a referral program?

A) Yes! Absolutely there are actually two types of referral programs.

  • 20% webmaster referral: if someone is referring webmasters through their link, they will receive 20% of the referred WM.
  • 10% psychic referral: if a webmaster is referring us a psychic to ORANUM.com, he will receive the 10% of psychic earning for 1 year.

If you have any questions about their programs please email xing.yan@oranum.com and check them out here!