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November Recap

by Jeremy Schoemaker on December 3, 2013 · 9 comments

7403 - NovemberHope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Here is the recap from for November:

Nov-05 12:36:42 - Google’s Patents and why people shouldn’t freak out (15 comments) As we are going through filing various patents for our PAR Program its interesting to see that it takes many years before you even get any sort of response… then you have to make rev…[more]

Nov-06 09:25:53 - I am a TV Junkie. (30 comments) I keep a running tally of all the series/shows I have watched here. …[more]

Nov-07 08:00:13 - S.O.S. to SMS: Are You Still Alive? (14 comments) [more]

Nov-08 08:28:54 - Free Shirt Friday- (16 comments) This week’s Free Shirt Friday is from Page One Power. Page One Power is a custom link building firm located in Boise, ID. Headed by two brothers, …[more]

Nov-11 07:25:42 - So I saw Pink In Concert Last Saturday (13 comments) 5 years ago… or so.. I saw Justin Timberlake in Omaha, NE. and Pink opened up for him. She was really good. But last Saturday I saw her solo here in Lincoln, NE. and the show was amazing. I had seen her acrobatics before but she has taken it to a …[more]

Nov-12 08:09:19 - Value of affiliate marketers twitter accounts (14 comments) Geno did an interesting post ranking affiliate marketers using the Time Magazine’s formula: …[more]

Nov-14 08:58:24 - Help just getting started with SEO (18 comments) This ShoeMoney Question was sent in by Leroy from Atlanta, Georgia. Because Leroy?s question was chosen he will receive a ShoeMoney Shirt and a signed copy of my best selling book ?Nothing?s Changed but my Change ? The ShoeMoney Story?. To …[more]

Nov-15 09:12:08 - Free Shirt Friday - (16 comments) This week’s Free Shirt Friday is from $97 Press Release.  97 Press Release provides high quality professional press release writing and distribution for those wishing to get more …[more]

Nov-20 08:29:30 - My Stats From New Gmail Changes In Email Sorting (13 comments) Last June Gmail introduced the “tabs” that sorted promotional emails into their own section outside of the inbox. For those who don’t use Gmail here is what it looks like: …[more]

Nov-21 10:05:35 - Slow sick week (13 comments) This week ha…[more]

Nov-22 09:15:55 - Free Shirt Friday- CarCovers.Com @CarCoversCom (12 comments) This week’s Free Shirt Friday is from CarCovers.Com. They are a long-time friend of mine who attend my annual Elite Retreat Conference. I’m also thrilled to have them a part of our enterprise level automated email ma…[more]

Nov-23 13:55:45 - Fast Company Article on “Amazon Whisperer” (12 comments) I came across this article I wanted to share on Fast Company Magazine that I found pretty interesting. There is a lot of fluff in the article but the just of it is this. This guy has created a multi million dollar company by: …[more]

Nov-25 09:41:00 - Chirp chirp for iPhone (14 comments) [more]

Nov-26 10:45:52 - Happy holidays and be safe! (10 comments) [more]

Nov-26 15:55:35 - Time tested affiliate program and a big opportunity (34 comments) Last week I did a video interview with Jeffrey John who is one of the foremost experts in the astrology affiliate industry. Many affiliates are always chasing the next hot thing.  I know… I have been there.  But things go up and down… especially …[more]

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Shoemoney 1 Dean

You must have been busy this month. Not as many posts as usual.

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Shoemoney 3 Steven B.

I enjoyed the bulk of your posts this month. Good to see you getting back into providing more content oriented posts.

4 faisal

You need to post more often.

5 Mark

Admittedly, I like Jeremy’s posts but I really got some good info from guest posts that he has from time to time as well. Let’s not forget them Shoe Brah!

6 Prasanth

Post related to internet marketing/seo are coming less.

7 Tony Nguyen

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