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Chirp chirp for iPhone

by Jeremy Schoemaker on November 25, 2013 · 14 comments

Chirp_chirp_by_aldwyn.jpg (1131×707)I wish someone would make an app that passed voice messages in iMessage.

Just something simple.

Siri kind of defeats the purpose on that while it records you it transcribes instead of giving you the option of passing the audio file.

I used to love nextels ptt functionality. Is there an app for that ?

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Shoemoney 1 Anonymous

Yea someone should make soemthign like that, get on that Jeremy.

Shoemoney 2 jennifer

i’m not even sure what you’re talking about

Shoemoney 3 Leavon

Google voice does voicemail to text

Shoemoney 4 Gene Holise

I never thought of that, but that would be a good idea.

Shoemoney 5 Chris

Passing the audio file? What does that even mean…

Shoemoney 6 Zoey K

Chirp chirp for cheap cheap

Shoemoney 7 Lexi

You should make one!

Shoemoney 8 Tango Tacoman

There’s an app for everything, you just gotta look hard enough.

Shoemoney 9 Jacob King

Just listen to your voicemail like every one else.

Shoemoney 10 Marcia

Siri is a whore.

11 faisal

What makes you say that?

Shoemoney 12 Marc

I’m ditching the iPhone for either the Galaxy S4 or Note 3.

13 Alex

HeyTell, Voxer, many many many apps. This is a no ‘brainier function’ that you can find a workaround with either android or iOS. We all wish that iOS could have simple things like this built in, however Apple won’t share that much of their OS with the development community.

14 memorayz

Interesting!! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

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