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Slow sick week

by Jeremy Schoemaker on November 21, 2013 · 14 comments

clipart_sickThis week has been tough.  Last weekend started with a cold/flu.  I was ok on Monday… I thought.  Then it moved to my chest and this cough has sucked bad.  I am good to go now and blog will resume next week.

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1 Mike

Blog content sucks anyway.

Shoemoney 2 Lana

Tis the season to be giving germs! Get well soon!

Shoemoney 3 Jeffery G.

Rest up man

Shoemoney 4 Tim Cruise

I was wondering what happened to you…seemed a little slow on here lately.

Shoemoney 5 Janice

That’s rough. Take it easy.

Shoemoney 6 Sharon C.

Add B vitamins and Zinc, it’ll help boost you’re immune system.

Shoemoney 7 Abby

Its probably just the black plague.

Shoemoney 8 Pat C

Try not to die.

9 Francis

Drink lots of water. Sounds like your pretty much over it though.

10 Ramon

Get better

11 faisal

Best thing about blog, you can blog anytime.

12 memorayz

Sweet nowember ;)


Get better

14 allaboutguidetrickandtips

Maintaining a healthy body is very important , because it will determine whether or not our bodies healthy

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