Video of Presentation at SCC in Lincoln

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scc.movIn august, I got the opportunity to speak to a group of people at Southeast Community College. If you’ve ever wanted to see me in action and hear about my marketing successes then this is a video worth checking out.

Check it out on YouTube and leave a comment telling me what you think or any questions you have.

23 thoughts on “Video of Presentation at SCC in Lincoln

  1. Robert

    Wow you really do work with a wide range of clients from baby supplies to e-cigs? What’s next e-cigs to babies?

  2. Gary D.

    In regards to Blu cigs, value goes a long way, what’s cheaper isn’t necessarily better. Sadly so many people jsut get hung up on that and only end up with inferior products.

  3. Mike Dozer

    I never thought how detrimental images were to the emails I was sending. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I’m going to change how my next email blast goes out.

  4. Jessica H.

    Here I thought offering a deal was the best way to sales in. I never thought it was hurting my sales or the image of my product.

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