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Sorry about the confusion

by Jeremy Schoemaker on September 9, 2013 · 15 comments

confusedA couple days ago I emailed you out about my friend Neil Patel’s new forum that will soon be paid only.

We recieved several questions from people confused that it was a free month that would cost you if you did not cancel.

This is NOT the case.  The forum is free for life if you sign up by the end of today (I got him to extend it through today).

Here is the link for quick access.


Neil does offer other services that are first month free that become paid after but again through today if you sign up its FREE FOR LIFE!

Neil knows about every expert in the industry and there are already a lot of top notch experts in there answering questions and helping people.

Don’t miss this chance to get your free account for life….  and then laugh at your friends when they are paying big bucks to access it.

As you can see the link has NO affiliate id.  I am not being compensated if you sign up in any way.  And you should know by now thats not something I normally do =P.

So jump on it!

See you there (Don’t forget I am putting on an exclusive webinar for members of the forum).


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Shoemoney 1 Dane

Thanks for clarifying, mate!

Shoemoney 2 Christopher

Still sounds like a pretty good deal

Shoemoney 3 Trevor

FREE 4 LYFE!!! Woot woot!

Shoemoney 4 Athena

ooooooh okay now that makes mroe sense

Shoemoney 5 Larry D.

I’m all ready on there and excited for your webinar

Shoemoney 6 Arnie

The only thing you have to be sorry for is party rocking.

Shoemoney 7 Dennis

All ready signed up.

Shoemoney 8 Tommy F

I thought things were pretty clear from the get-go but thanks for making things clear anyway.

Shoemoney 9 Mary

Jump on it! Jump on it! Jump on it!

Shoemoney 10 jared

Signed up!

11 Jesse L.

They fail because they require me to use Facebook to register. I refuse and that’s terrible marketing giving away your traffic to Facebook.

12 faisal

This is an awesome forum. I think worth joining. I don’t know why people though its premium!

13 Muhammad

Thanks a lot for clearing this confusion; earlier I was little shy to register because Neil is famous for offering first month free service and then charging a fee. But now I don’t have reservation

14 Daniel Adetunji

Signed up man. Nice forum

And Jeremy, do you still accept guest content here? I sent a killer one to your email recently.



15 Jawbone Up Wristband

I wonder why so many famous internet marketer is promoting this forum. John Chow, Pat Flynn, etc … I can only think of one reason – it’s f**king good!

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