ShoeMoney August Recap

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Aug-02 07:00:53 – Free Shirt Friday – Backlinko (1 comments) Backlinko is Brain Dean’s blog where he talks tips and strategies for backlinks and other great SEO strategies.

Aug-05 12:13:59 – How the new Gmail tabs could be affecting your email campaigns (12 comments) Gmail, if you have not heard has completely changed their inbox interface. This change to the average subscriber appears to be for the better but, on the other hand for business owners it is really causing some disorder. They have added tabs …[more]

Aug-06 09:00:47 – So, how much is bad SEO worth in a lawsuit and should you cash in? (11 comments) It was bound to happen, an SEO company has been sued for allegedly providing, shall we say, less than then stellar sea…[more]

Aug-07 07:13:46 – Wes Mahler Bends Over For Dennis Yu (25 comments) Dennis Yu wrote a gut wrenching post on Wes Mahler’s blog about how broke he is. Dennis has always been any amazing story teller.

Anyone with half a clue can see how broke he is… Just look at his activity on Tripit.


Aug-07 17:20:46 – PAR Program Data Points Updated (5 comments) We just rolled out our new data points for the PAR Program. We now have over 100 different data points to gather information on your consumers in your list. When agrigated properly the data for demographics, social interests, and ROI is badass.


Aug-08 11:21:54 – Jury Awards 300,000 in damages from blogger (18 comments) The legal system fascinates me. I have always wanted to be a lawyer ever since I watched every episode of Perry Mason as a kid . But I couldn’t hack the school. I do think it would have been badass to be a criminal litigator. I am envious of litigat…[more]

Aug-09 07:17:21 – Free Shirt Friday – inBoundio (9 comments) This FSF comes from one of my long time readers of the blog all the way from India! inBoundio is great for small business or individuals looking for inbound markting solutions starting…[more]

Aug-12 11:02:05 – Eat it, Kill it, or Have Sex With It – Content Marketing (14 comments) This is a mini series on how to keep people interested in your product or service. In each one I will break it down to our primal instincts. When pitched something everyones brain is filtering information and deciding should I kil…[more]

Aug-13 09:00:14 – Eat, Kill, Sex – Part 2 – Video Marketing (13 comments) [more]

Aug-14 08:00:30 – Is Google making it too easy for spammers to win? (20 comments) Googl…[more]

Aug-15 09:24:33 – Eat, Kill, Sex – Part 3 Face To Face (17 comments) This is a mini series on how to keep people interested in your product or service and in each one I will break it down to our primal instincts. When pitched something everyones brain is filtering information and deciding should I…[more]

Aug-16 07:00:42 – Free Shirt Friday – HitReach (5 comments) Based out of the UK, HitReach is a service company that is centered around web design and SEO for your website. I was reading through some of their …[more]

Aug-19 09:56:50 – FTC becoming more aggressive on misleading advertising practices (15 comments) Chances are you have never heard of the ?Undertaking Spam, Spyware, And Fraud Enforcement With Enforcers Beyond Borders Act of 2006,? an addition to the Federal Trade Commission?s (FTC) enforcement statute known as the ?SAFE WEB Act.? If you?r…[more]

Aug-20 09:09:46 – Why Google should put their money into better AdWords reps and not upsell reps (5 comments) Now, I?m not a newbie when it comes to pay per click advertising. I?ve been doing it for years on a variety of platforms, and have a pretty good instinct when it comes to what works and what doesn?t, and when I?m not sure, that?s what A/B testin…[more]

Aug-21 08:00:12 – Don’t miss my live webinar with Copy Press- August 22, 2013 (8 comments) This Thursday I?ll talking with Nicole Jones at Copy Press. We?ll be focusing on the dos and don?ts of email marketing. You?ll also get a chance to learn more about our PAR program. The event takes places Thursday August 22nd at 1pm C…[more]

Aug-22 08:03:33 – Check out my interview with Domain Expert Adam Dicker (41 comments) Yesterday morning I go…[more]

Aug-23 07:00:56 – Free Shirt Friday – ActiveCampaign (5 comments) This is ActiveCampaign, which is a great email marketing service to start with like MailChimp for example. However, if you are not looking for a higher end service check out …[more]

Aug-26 09:41:56 – Email marketing with me and @copypress (10 comments) Last thursday I did a Google Hangout with Nicole from Copypress. As you can tell it was super laid back. I lead off talking about my new company the PAR Program but we quickly …[more]

Aug-27 10:04:10 – When will Rand from @Moz learn his lesson to not piss of Matt Cutts with false SEO claims? (21 comments) Ah, Rand. I started off a blog post like this over a year ago, and the same phrase fits with the latest Moz scandal that hit last week, one t…[more]

Aug-28 11:14:51 – Ask Me Anything – ShoeMoney Questions (22 comments) I am super excited to start our ShoeMoney Questions series again! And we are gonna give away prizes for the best questions. Nothing is off limits… You can ask me anything.

A lot of times someone will ask me a question via Faceb…[more]

Aug-29 07:30:11 – Killing It With Lead Gen – A Step By Step Guide (21 comments) If you are not familiar with the guys over at IMGRIND its run by a super affiliate and the owner of one of the successful affiliate networks out there. They have a …[more]

Aug-30 07:00:02 – Free Shirt Friday – CrushAds (3 comments) If you bought my book you might recognize this these guys, CrushAds was one of the companies whose contributions to the book went to charity.