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I am calling it now

by Jeremy Schoemaker on September 5, 2013 · 25 comments

Over the years there have been many eras of forums.  Digitalpoint, V7n, Wickedfire…  But since these forums would give out accounts to any monkey of value of them, they started to deteriorate.  So the best ones now are all paid,  private forums.

My good friend Neil Patel just launched a new forum on his website.

But check this out.  It’s in BETA until Monday, so he told me that the people I sent would have a free account for life.

Please go and sign up right away.  As you can see, there is no affiliate link.  I get nothing out of this… except an “I told you so.”

You can go here to sign up ->

neilpatelsidebarIf you are still reading this, then let me tell you about Neil. We have been friends for almost 10 years now. Neil has come and stayed at my house and is one of my closest friends in the industry.

Neil is one of the smartest guys I know. He comes from an SEO background but after selling his SEO company, he switched gears to Traffic Conversion. He created CrazyEgg and

Yea… He is kind of a big deal.

Anyway, I see all the big guns signing up. Neil knows A LOT of amazing marketers and this forum is going to be filled with great content.

I already am going to do a webinar for the Forum sometime in the next couple weeks, so after you create your account (it takes 1 click if you’re logged into Facebook) please go here and lemme know if you will be attending.

You can go here to sign up ->
Look forward to seeing you on the forum!


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1 L George

Hi Jeremy,

I just joined . Looking forward for your webminar .

Kind Regards
L George

Shoemoney 2 Tauseen

I have been following you and Neil for years, it has been so awesome watching you guys blow up on the scene. So cool to see Neil coming up with a new part to the Quick Sprout program.

Shoemoney 3 Brandon Andrews

Hell yes he is kinda a big deal! As are you Big Shoe!

Shoemoney 4 Regan

Do you guys have pillow fights and give each other make overs when he sleeps over?

Shoemoney 5 Shelby

Is there a way to sign up without using Facebook? I’m not too keen on people having my profile picture in a forum even if it is private….

Shoemoney 6 Andrea

But it’s okay on a public website?

Shoemoney 7 Mark Alison

Do you have a date set for your webinar? What will you be talking about? Will you be taping it and posting it on here?

Shoemoney 8 Sydney

Signed up! I’ll be there.

Shoemoney 9 Travis D.

So who would win in a fight, you or neil?

Shoemoney 10 Klaus

I hate the public forums, they are a scammers breeding ground.

Shoemoney 11 Ralph Z.

How did you and Neil meet?

Shoemoney 12 Max Power

I’m in! Very exciting.

Shoemoney 13 Carolina

Thanks for letting us know about this, most excellent.

Shoemoney 14 Daiki

How much is he going to start charging after Monday to be part of the forum? Or do you have to sign up for his system to be a part of it after that?

Shoemoney 15 Amari

If Shoemoney say it a big deal then it must be true.

16 Nicole Buttler

Just got your email newsletter and signed up right away. Neil is definitely a bid DEAL! :) Looking forward to your webinar!

17 Wess Stewart

I’m glad I found this. I don’t like paying for memberships to forums. Heh. Thank you. :)

18 jesterfx

Is there anyway to singup without the freaking forced facebook crap? Hate sites that have only one option to signup, like using facebook.

19 Skip Foster

Thanks Jeremy. The forum is already packed full of awesome posts.

Shoemoney 20 Kevin

This is awesome

21 faisal

Amazing forum, made on BBPress.


Thanks for the mention Shoemoney. Going that way straight to open a account. And looking forward for your webinar.

23 Jawbone Up Tips

I’ve joined and it’s great. Just hope this forum can sustain and remains free for life as stated.

24 Emmett

I’ll be checking this out shortly. Thanks!

25 Maarten

Just signed up, thanks! Shawn Hogan should have made DP a paid forum long time ago. It used to be a great place 10 years ago. Now I’m seeing lots of old members from back in the old days switch over to these paid/private webmaster boards. So it seems like a logical step to follow I guess.

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