Killing It With Lead Gen – A Step By Step Guide

If you are not familiar with the guys over at IMGRIND its run by a super affiliate and the owner of one of the successful affiliate networks out there.  They have a paid forum that contains step by step walk throughs and posts that honestly are priceless.

This is not some promotional post and I am not being compensated in anyway other then them giving me the permission to make this post public.  In fact they currently have over 1500 members and as you can see on their signup page they are pretty picky about new people coming in.  Its the best money I ever spent and if you are currently an affiliate in anyway shape or form you should apply or reach out to a friend that is a member to get in.

This is a random post that I stumbled onto a while back.  It’s focused on the bizop space but from the example you can really apply it to anything.

The post does contain some links to other posts in their private forums that you won’t be able to access without being a member but the meat of it is all here.  I promised them that I would not edit or alter it in anyway so I left them in for those who are members.

Thank you for Ryan and Ruck for allowing me to share this with readers.

If you find as much value as I have from this please comment below and I will see if I can’t get a few more gems out of their forums.


There is a ton of money to be made in the biz opp niche as the leads are very versatile how you can monetize them. People that are also seeking new career opportunities are also interested in possible educational offers, credit repair, debt settlement, etc. Bizz opps can also be promoted various ways using different angles to monetize high volume levels of cheap traffic (massive ROI). Throughout both mine and Ruck’s career we’ve focused on health, wealth, and relationships. Obviously wealth has been our largest. Utilizing lead generation arbitrage you’re able to create your own lead gen biz opp offer that can be promoted by yourself internally or even placed on reputable CPA networks having an army of affiliate leverage your business.

Before I explain the process you need to be familiar with the entire lead generation arbitrage concept: (explained in this thread)

When you begin thinking about how you’re going to build out your offer you have to base every single decision around your conversion funnel. How strong is your front-end? How much are you going to be paying your your initial traffic? How strong is your back-end? Are you able to break even on the front-end? All of these questions basically boil down to one thing: your offers. These can be provided by an affiliate network or your own in-house team. At the end of the day the EPC is going to tell you where you can take your campaign. There are two different scenarios:

* You Have One Strong Offer – Lets say you go to your favorite CPA affiliate network and ask for their top converting offers. Amongst the top performing is a cost per sale or cost per trial biz opp offer earning $1+ network wide EPC. This is worth a test.
Basing your entire lead generation arbitrage offer around one offer is short term. While you need to ensure you have a back-up offer or two, it’s possible they may not convert near your initial winner. However this short-term advantage can equal out to some massive ROIs if you have a really solid offer. I basically like to see $2+ EPCs on my front end promoting the offer. An example funnel of scenario one:

Optin Landing Page > Strong Offer > Email Confirmation > Back-end

You should be making 50%+ ROI on your front-end for this to be sustainable. Since you’re not concentrating on confirming the double optins you can’t rely that much on your back-end. All of that should be looked as the extra gravy.

* You Have Multiple Lead Gen Offers
 – You checked your favorite CPA network for a strong CPS biz opp and you just didn’t come across anything. You’re really wanting to monetize your leads by building a large list so you pull several other biz opp lead gen offers from a CPA network of your choosing. One of the most popular ones is Partner With Paul. Another one in Inbox Dollars survey.

When developing your conversion funnel you want to think about how you can get your traffic to go to other biz opp lead generation offers and be interested in their service. Not only are you wanting them to go submit their email address you want them to maintain a high level of quality so the advertiser will scale with you. Your lead gen funnel should be looked as the visitors “central source” where you list “more specific offers.” An example funnel of scenario two:

Optin Landing Page > Front End Offer Wall (Multiple Lead Gens On Page) > Email Confirmation > Back-end

You should at least break even with your front end and use your back-end as your profit. You want to urge users to confirm their email but also suggest them offers on the front-end to complete while they wait on the message. Read more on monetizing with offer walls in this thread.

Before you focus on your back-end you need to make sure your front end is strong enough to support the offer. If you’re hoping to pay $700 for traffic, make $100 on the front end, then the rest on the back end be prepared for disappointment. Without breaking even or making a profit on the front end your back end doesn’t have a chance. With all that said, you may wish to do some small tests with your front end first to see how effective the offers are. This will write the plan for your back end for you.

How To Get Started Testing

You can promote your new biz opp lead gen with multiple sources of traffic. We don’t recommend just one we recommend you get as much distribution as you can. We personally have lead gen funnels that make a lot of money with SEO traffic. It all just takes time, planning, and implementation. Now I know the majority of you people out there reading this are waiting for me to say “you just need to spend $X,XXX and you’ll be profitable.” Unfortunately you’re not going to get that here. This depends on so many different variables it’s not even possible! If you have $100 to spend on traffic that doesn’t mean you have to spend ALL OF IT to get it to work. Start small, $10 a day. If you can’t break even or make some profit spending $10 a day what makes you think you can do it from $100? I understand you may have to spend a bit more if the clicks are expensive, but remember, the front-end of your offer tells you how much you can pay per click.

Pay per click self serve ad networks are by far the quickest way to get your new biz opp LGA offer up and testing. Some of the most popular are Google Adwords, Facebook, Microsoft adCenter, etc. Given these have the most volume they are the strictest when it comes to landing page quality score. You need to ensure you have a full site built out that adds quality to the traffic source and enhances a user viewing experience. If you’re doing the strong offer wall approach these maybe out of the question.

Believe it or not there are other traffic sources out there! I find it funny that people think their Internet Marketing career is over if they lose their Google and/or Facebook account. A big reality check, they never had a career, they had a gamble. If you want to be a super affiliate you want to have a diverse set skills of traffic distribution. Out source some of the web development and spend your time finding massive sources of traffic that you can monetize.

Ryan’s Million Dollar Tip: Go hit to Google right now. Start typing in things people would be searching for looking for a new job or a career opportunity. Click through the results and look at the advertising tags on the pages. Hunt down those sources and see how you can purchase traffic! Some results will lead back to the big G or larger networks but some will link back to pure gold. A fresh traffic source very few people are using.

Over the years I don’t like to pay ANYMORE than $0.50 a click, period. Obviously this depends on the scenario I selected above as you’re going to be able to pay more per click depending on your EPC (earnings per click) to the offer. If you’re paying more for this right off the bat, it’s likely your going to get frustrated a give up. Look for those cheap clicks. They’re out there I promise.

Deciding If It’s Going To Work

Once you begin your traffic distribution you can take a look over your numbers and see what’s going to work. Some things you need to immediately address:

  • ROI – Are you making any money or are you losing money? If so how much? If you’re dumping 100%+ ROI do you think there is a possibility you can optimize that? Is the offer converting at all? If it was to convert at $1 EPC where would you be? Is there a chance for this to happen? These are all questions you should ask yourself before deciding to continue. Some campaigns can be optimized some can’t. You need to see where you are ROI wise and see if it’s possible to turn it positive. If you got lucky your first test and are profitable then you’re lucky. Focus on what’s working and see how you can become more profitable. If you’re making 100% ROI think about how you can scale it out.
  • Conversion Rate – During your ROI evaluation you’ll look at your conversion rate. Look at how many people that you paid for are actually going through your offer and converting. Ask yourself if it’s scalable. If it’s not converting the offer could very well be a “dud”. As we’ve taught at our Offer Building Workshops the majority of offers at CPA networks are garbage. You want to run that golden one.
  • Optin Rate – How many people that you send to your landing page are opting in to your web form? We recommend at least 35% but in many cases this should be much larger. Just think if 35% optin you’re losing 65% of your paid traffic! Make sure you’re using some type of conversion saving script to monetize this.
  • Traffic Cost – How much are you paying per click? Are you able to scale at that current rate? How much more can you reduce your bids with a good quality score? If you’re paying $0.50 and that’s already LOW you may have a hard time. Don’t spend $1,000s of dollars at one source praying for a miracle. If it doesn’t workout, it doesn’t workout. There are more sources of traffic out there.

Build Out Your Back End

When you know your offer is going to work it’s time to monetize the crap out of your back end to load that bank account full.  You want to be aggressive but not too aggressive. Evaluate your list and determine how long you plan on monetizing it. If you get a bunch of unsubscribes you’re going to end up getting in trouble with your service provider. You want people to value every mailing from you so don’t just go right into the pitch. Explain to the visitor why they joined your list in the first part, why you can be trusted, and then lead them into a successful conversion.

Some example back end monetization methods:



The creative bird is going to get the worm. HOW creative can you get with your back end to further monetize your leads? You know we also have a lead buying and selling section of the Community where you can look for mailers or other people to buy your leads.

Scaling Up Your Traffic

Once you’ve got everything going at full speed you’re going to want to scale. I know it’s never enough right? First you want to distribute your traffic internally to test all the different sources: display, mobile, search, email, etc. See where your conversion rates are with EACH of your sources of traffic. Once you have these numbers you can take your offer over to a reputable CPA network and have their affiliates do distribution for you. You could simply pay $1.50 or so for a name and email address and make a killer ROI. Having first ran your traffic internally you should have a very good understanding at what converts and what doesn’t. This will help you identify potential fraud or other activity that needs to be filtered out by the network.

You always want to be scaling up your internal operation. Putting all your faith in affiliates is stupid. They may give you crap quality or may stop because someone else offers a better payout. Eliminate these spikes in your business by having your own in house traffic operation. This may take some time or even possibly adding a partner to your operation. Be smart though there are a lot of snakes out there.

I’ve laid out the entire process for you. Many of you will apply these concepts, some of you will build them out and test, few of you will actually stick with it and develop a business around it. I’ve been around a long time and have seen it. What will you do with this information? If you run with it and continue developing it’s likely you can sustain a million dollar a year business. You cannot accept failure though and have to always be looking to adapt, develop, and progress. Remember what works today may not work tomorrow. The online world moves very fast so you need to act accordingly. Get in and get out with your profits. Make sure to have your pages compliant and abide by all the new federal regulations. Good luck!