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I am super excited to start our ShoeMoney Questions series again!  And we are gonna give away prizes for the best questions.  Nothing is off limits…  You can ask me anything.

A lot of times someone will ask me a question via Facebook or email and I will go into this super detailed response and I am like “Shit, I bet a lot of people would find value in this and I should post it on the blog.”  Getting asked questions really gets my brain humming.

I will try to answer a question each week (maybe more depending or maybe less, we’ll have to see).

Just email your question to ‘’  (please don’t comment or use the contact us form).

If we post and answer your question I will ship you the famous ShoeMoney T-Shirt and a signed copy of my international best selling book – “Nothing’s Changed But My Change” – The ShoeMoney Story.


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Again – just email your question to

28 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything – ShoeMoney Questions

  1. Jody Heath

    Hi Jeremy

    1) Do you ever plan on making the Shoemoney Realtime Stats plugin available to the masses?

    2) I’m looking for an irresistible, low barrier to entry offer to pitch on the front end when I buy solo ads. I’m wanting to guarantee that I at least break even by pitching (on the front end) something low cost but very enticing; and then once on my list, I can pitch the real offer that brings home the Benjamens on the back end. Any suggestions for a low cost high converting offer?

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      Probably not on the plugin. I still need to let people know about the other 5 we have put out there lol..

      On the 2nd I am not sure what your asking or if I actually have any experience doing what your asking.

  2. Ujjwal

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    Thanks @Shoe Money.

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