10 Reasons I am Not Racist #notracist

Right now with all the racial tension going on I feel its every honkys responsibility to quantify the fact they are not racist. Anyone can say they are not racist… But lets see you prove it. Here are 10 reasons on why I can’t possibly be racist.

#10  I have a black dog.


#9  My #1 international best selling book – “Nothing’s Changed But My Change” was not only inspired by a Mike Jones (African American Rapper) but also has a 90% black cover and nothing but black text.


#8 I wear mostly black clothes.



#7 I proudly display photos of myself with African Americans in my office.


#6 I proudly carry a black american express card.


#5 I ONLY drink black coffee.


#4 I voted for Barak Obama


#3 I have owned 7 black cars.


#2 I was a African American male (virtually) who legally registered a alias of Mike Lowery as a website owner that produced millions of dollars of income and I sold in 2010. Also I had repeated legal threats from companies to takedown this site –>LINK (racially motivated)



#1 – My dad’s grandmother was full blooded native american indian.  Which makes me 1/16th Indian.



Bonus non racist item – My African American friend, Darin Carter,  has provided me a sworn affidavit that I am indeed not racist.

Obviously there is no way I can be racist. Lets here why you’re #notracist.  Otherwise you are.

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