10 Reasons I am Not Racist #notracist

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Right now with all the racial tension going on I feel its every honkys responsibility to quantify the fact they are not racist. Anyone can say they are not racist… But lets see you prove it. Here are 10 reasons on why I can’t possibly be racist.

#10  I have a black dog.


#9  My #1 international best selling book – “Nothing’s Changed But My Change” was not only inspired by a Mike Jones (African American Rapper) but also has a 90% black cover and nothing but black text.


#8 I wear mostly black clothes.



#7 I proudly display photos of myself with African Americans in my office.


#6 I proudly carry a black american express card.


#5 I ONLY drink black coffee.


#4 I voted for Barak Obama


#3 I have owned 7 black cars.


#2 I was a African American male (virtually) who legally registered a alias of Mike Lowery as a website owner that produced millions of dollars of income and I sold in 2010. Also I had repeated legal threats from companies to takedown this site –>LINK (racially motivated)



#1 – My dad’s grandmother was full blooded native american indian.  Which makes me 1/16th Indian.



Bonus non racist item – My African American friend, Darin Carter,  has provided me a sworn affidavit that I am indeed not racist.

Obviously there is no way I can be racist. Lets here why you’re #notracist.  Otherwise you are.

20 thoughts on “10 Reasons I am Not Racist #notracist

  1. Meg Geddes

    I lived in Detroit for four years. Well, actually, Hamtramck, which is located smack in the middle of Detroit, surrounded on all sides by Detroit, but really Polish. Ok so I’m Polish. By association. Oh never mind.

  2. Nico Lawsons

    Let’s HERE why you are not a racist.
    I hope it’s just a typo :-).

    Jeremy, why would being a racist, being an anti-black people? You can be a racist against people who have the same color like you. Of course, all people are against one group of society. Being against the new revolution of many old people, is being a racist for those people.

    Good post though, I just don’t really get the point? Did someone insult you or what? :-)

  3. Cody Wheeler

    You also use mostly black font and a clearly black border for your container. Obviously not racist.

    Me? My iPhone screen is black. I am leaning on a black pillow, and I too, have a black cat.

  4. Snag

    You are the biggest douche there is. You’re not racist but a douche you are there is no question. You know you’re a douche if you don’t you should step back for a minute and look in the mirror and see what a douchy mcdouche you are. Should change your name to douchemoney

  5. Susan Velez

    I just found your site and the title caught my eye. I have to admit the black dog that is sleeping on your bed really caught my eye.

    Great reasons you are not a racist. I think that racism should be a thing of the past. At least we all wish that it was.

  6. Matt

    I really don’t think race is that much of an issue – more so on the other side. If anything I think Obama has set us back decades when it comes to the issue.

  7. Sha Hartley

    Haha. #10 reminded me of the racist people that say “I can’t be racist because I have black friends!”

  8. SolomonBurke

    If you have to question whether or not you’re a racist, it means you prejudiced. Honestly, this was a very appalling post. “I have a black dog” and “I take pictures with black people” speaks a lot towards your attitude concerning minorities. Tongue in cheek comedy, flame bait or not, this post exemplifies a desperate attempt at someone who is failing to maintain readership but it’s not funny.

  9. Kendrick

    No offense, but the only way to show you’re not racist is to not even feel the need to say “I’m not a racist” and/or just don’t worry about it because if your not racist then you wouldn’t have to prove it.

  10. Teemi

    I don’t understand this post at all.

    Not being racist doesn’t mean that you take photos with or vote for Black people.


    There are hundreds of different races and nationalities, not just Blacks.

    Aside from all the other obvious points that the comments here have turned up… this article COULD have been funny, but it wasn’t.

  11. Louie S.

    If your great-grandmother was 100% Native American, that means you are 1/12.5 Native American.

    (Awesome if you truly did vote for Obama though…)

    And did I say that I’m offended by your article? This is coming from a pale-assed white person…

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