Things To Think About From Yahoo Shutting Down Email Today

As was mentioned  numerous times last month Yahoo is cleaning out any emails that have not been logged into for at least a year.  They have stated this could be as many as 2 billion email accounts.  This sounds unreal but when you consider you can buy 50k yahoo email/passwords from some sites for $500  its not rocket science to see

This means something to everyone.  Follow me here for a sec.

  1. The first and most obvious reason – if you don’t login to your account you are about to lose it.
  2. This is for email list owner.  Its time to scrub big time any yahoo users off your list that have not opened or clicked on a email in the last couple months.   Now you should be doing this anyway but the reason this is important for email list owners is because Yahoo is freeing up the account and if someone new claims it and they get your email… well its going to b marked as spam.  And if someone doesn’t get it then its going to bounce.  Either way its a no win situation.   We have automatically done this for our PAR Customers and make it very easy for them to remove stale users but just call your account manager at a weber, contact or whatever service you are using and I am sure they will do this for you.
  3. Now something that everyone should find interesting is where the last one left off.  Yahoo is releasing these domains..  That means things like,, or whatever badass vanity email you wanted can now be yours.

Anyway today is the day!!!   As you can see this effects everyone so make sure you take action.