The Bitch is Back

Next week I will get into full-blown bitchiness about a specific topic, but this week I thought I touch of on a whole variety of things that need bitching about since my last post last fall.  Because let me tell you there’s been plenty to bitch about.

Did Danny Sullivan and Matt Cutts kiss and make up? 
After Matt Cutts appearance at SES San Francisco last year, there is tons of speculation that Matt was trying to distance himself from Danny Sullivan, particularly since Danny was going pretty hot and heavy with his complaints to the FTC about Google and writing all kinds of negative articles about everything under the sun that he hated about Google. But at SMX Advanced last month, lo and behold Matt Cutts was there for his usual Q&A where Danny put him on the hot seat, although to be fair it didn’t seem like the seat was all that hot this year.  So maybe things aren’t all rainbows and unicorns between them.  Besides, it is nice to see Matt at a variety of search conferences as he did last year and I hope that trend continues this year, even though I am sure Danny would love to keep Matt Cutts an SMX exclusive.

What is going on at Bruce Clay?
Why is it that it seems like whenever Bruce Clay gets a very popular writer who loves to blog all things SEO and industry related, and gain a massive following, that they always seem to move on?  True, Bruce Clay is one of the biggest names in the industry, no doubt about it. But people like Lisa Barone had a huge following, and if I was Bruce, I would be working damn hard to hang onto those other faces of the Bruce Clay Empire rather than see them go to competitors.  Besides, Bruce Clay girls always make for entertaining PubCons.

What the heck Blueglass?
Although Shoemoney already tackled this one, Blueglass was supposed to be the best and brightest SEO company that potential clients were supposed to be elbowing each other out of the way in order to land Blueglass, instead of Blueglass going out of their way to get clients.  It all went down right before Blueglass X was supposed to take place, and apparently not all those potential attendees have gotten their money back.  And am I the only one that does a double take whenever I see Blueglass UK promoted or referenced all over the place? If I was the UK arm of that company, I would run as far away from the Blueglass name is possible to get some distance from that mess.

SEOMoz is now Moz and they did what?
In case you missed the news SEOMoz is trying to grow up a bit with the brand-new image and name – “MOZ”.  Yes, very original. So how do they celebrate that name change? By deciding to go after a company called Doz with the trademark infringement claim.  Now, no one could possibly confuse the names SEOMoz with  So why didn’t they do their own due diligence and discover that hey there was another company out there launching with a similar name (although there is a lot of he said she said with regards to who launched first and filed first, it appears we will see it all shake down in court).  Good thing they didn’t try to rebrand themselves as because then a whole lot of SEO companies would be screwed!

Enough with the Google Glass already
Yes, Barry Schwartz, we are all well aware of the fact you are drooling over everyone else that got picked to get Google Glass before you.  We get it, it sucks to be you.  But do you need to really incessantly tweet, blog and Google+ about the fact you haven’t gotten a pair yet?  Trust me, if I was in charge of Google Glass, I would have bumped you to the bottom of the list just because of that.  And using animated GIFs on so many of those posts doesn’t make you any cooler, just makes you look like you think you are still on MySpace.

WebmasterWorld sold to the Ninjas
Just about everyone was pretty shocked that Brett Tabke, owner of WebmasterWorld, actually sold the forums. He reigned over the forums with a very strong moderating arm that alienated many admins and moderators over the years (hit up any SEO gathering in the UK to hear all that gossip). So no one could believe that he actually decided to sell them. And if you missed the news, he sold them to Jim Boykin for Jim’s Internet Marketing Ninjas empire. But yes, have no fear, your tax deductible trip to Las Vegas for Vegas Pubcon each year can continue, as Brett did not sell the PubCon side of the business.

And speaking of the Ninjas
Talk about a company that has gone from the little league of We Build Pages to big league fast.  They picked up some great company hires such as Chris Boggs.  They are well on their way to be what Blueglass could have been.

As always, feel free to comment about topics you would like to see the SEOBitch treatment given to 🙂