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Hot New Internet Products May 13th – May 17th.

by Jeremy Schoemaker on May 18, 2013 · 14 comments

Here is a list of the newest internet marketing tools. All items listed are certified with volume sold and refund rate. Refund rate is a great indication of customers satisfied with the product. If one of these products interest you click the find out more information to go to their sales page which will be a much more detailed page about the product. All products come with at least a 30 day refund rate.

List Eruption 2.0 - Great list building WordPress plugin that helps you maximize each subscriber that you get.  Cost: $24.00 – Products Sold to date: 3000+ Refund Rate: 0.66% Click here for more information

FB Traffic Sniper- Through this training and application you can cut down on you Facebook advertising cost while at the same time hit even more consumers in your target audience . Cost: $19.95 Products Sold to date: 500+ Refund Rate: 0.83% Click here for more information

Become an iPublisher  -  Learn how to publish multimedia books directly to Apple’s iBookstore. They reveal how to incorporate videos, widgets and more to create truly awesome books in an over 30 page PDF guide with step-by-step training. Price: $9.95 Products Sold to date: 250+ Refund Rate: 0.75 Click here for more information

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1 Jamie


When you go to Opt-in through your email,you get the dreaded 404…

2 faisal

So you won’t have these posts on the blog anymore?

3 Sydney

My favorite product on here is the iPublisher. Jeremy is this what you used for your book? I truly think things like this will make publishing a book a heck of a lot easier and less time consuming

4 Hubert

So i get that List Eruption helps you maximize the people on your list but how? Does anyone know? I love WP Plugins so I am just curious how this whole thing works

5 Janette

The “List Eruption” page looks really legit and something that a lot of people would like to use and learn more about. Thanks for sharing Shoe

6 Bryan

I would really like to see the pictures of the products next to snip-it. I think this would look really nice

7 Tyler

What have you all bought Jeremy?

8 Michael

I would like to see what applications you enjoy using. If you can make a post about that I feel like that would be useful for a lot of people

9 Milton

Go the email ;P

10 Pablo

can anyone else vouch for any of theses? Seems like a lot of these are just cookie cutter programs made in a day.. I guess that is why they are so cheap though.

11 Marvin

I’ve used the first two and enjoyed them thoroughly, I would recommend them for the price point that they are at.

12 Jeremy Dylan

I was wondering how to improve my business. Then I finally visit this blog, i found something interesting and helps me to understand my way to improve my business. Great blog!

13 Daniel Adetunji

Wow! Wow! Amamazing list of internet products–got to check them out


14 Ajay Prasad

Wow! This is just amazing list shared. I would love to see Facebook sniper image. I am sure it will help my business to do better.

Thanks for the information!

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