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Happy Free Shirt Friday! Direct Navigation Traffic eXchange.. aka

They help you build a three step profitable campaign determining aspects such as if it is for a desktop, mobile, or a tablet device as well as if it is a PPC or PPR ad type.

Have any of you used them?


If you would like to see your website or company featured on Free Shirt Friday click here.

11 thoughts on “Free Shirt Friday –

  1. Walter

    Does anyone know if it is free? This would be cool to check out and see if it actually works and how easy it is.

  2. Lowell

    Thanks for sharing. How did you start Free Shirt Friday anyway? Great way for people to get their business name out there and hell it is FREE

  3. Leon

    Do you keep all of the shirts that you get ? I bet you get a lot of themand have no room at all

  4. Stacy

    Does anyone currently use them? I think this would be a great platform for those people that do not want to learn how to use more than one or dont want to take the time to either

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