“Put a Ring On It”: Advice from Gary Vaynerchuk

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I found this video when I was stumbling across some other blogs and I felt that Gary Vaynerchuk not only hit the nail on the head with social media but email marketing as well.

For the PAR Program thas is the whole goal to make sure that the customer feels that relationship and connection with your business. The point is to build a lasting bond rather than a short increase in sales.

This bond, through nonintrusive emails, turns the first time buyers into life long customers who purchase from you and not your competitor. Anybody who has run a business knows how hard/costly it is to get someone into the door for the first time, in fact it costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer then it is to keep a new one.

Therefore the businesses that last the longest are the ones that are confident that once someone comes in the store or visits your website that is all it takes because you will be sure to offer them a great product and build a relationship with them.

I can’t think of a single business that doesn’t survive off of returning customers. That is why the PAR Program is so important for literally any business! 

27 thoughts on ““Put a Ring On It”: Advice from Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. Beth

    You got to “put a ring on it” on just about anything you do with a customer I think..

  2. Reanne

    That is the great thing about your service it is literally open to damn near everybody. Honestly, who can’t benefit from email blasts?

  3. Hugh

    While I see how everyone could benefit from an email service at the same time I feel the costs don’t outweigh the returns for some businesses.

  4. Elijah

    I tried thinking of a business that doesn’t need returning customers but I couldnt think of one. Even mortuaries have returning customers if you think about it. Maybe not the individual but the family

  5. Isreal

    I am surprised that number isn’t more, just think of all the advertising you might spend for years and years before someone actually buys your product. Then not to mention the costs of a salesman.

  6. Norbert

    When is someone going to make one of those scrolling text videos from one of your speeches at conferences?!? I would have done it by now if I knew how 😛

  7. Stephen Malan

    Customer retention and customer building are goals that all businesses, large and small need to work on. It is difficult to do so as there is much competition in a lot of niches nowadays. So, building that relationship first will take your business further in retaining the customers you have and building the customer base as well.

    Thank you for sharing this

  8. Vicente

    The thing I hate is everyone knows they should be doing something and they talk and talk and talk but have no action at all.

  9. Alayna

    Everyone wants to make shit happen yesterday and doesnt want to take the time to do it right. What I totally agree with Gary is that it has to be a marathon and you have to have long term goals

  10. Randal

    Great find shoe! This seriously explains a lot in a 30 second video. He nailed it!

  11. Robert

    Gary is the man yo! He puts it straight at you and makes you think about things quickly. But he also gives people a wake up call to their business structure that is for sure

  12. Bruce

    PUT A FUCKING RING ON IT…. get with the times and do your email marketing seo right. you only get one chance and you might as well spend the money right?

  13. Jody Heath

    This is a very was a very well received post. There is so much hype online about building lists and customer acquisition; but who wants to live month to month? And nailed it with cost of acquisition vs retention. Jeremy, thanks for giving us something geared more towards customer retention! I wanna be like “Shoemoney” when I grow up!



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