Take Aways From Warren Buffett

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I always have a hard time understanding why companies don’t understand how to sell their goods or services on the internet.

Well not that they don’t understand but more that they just don’t get it.

This weekend was the annual Berkshire Hathaway weekend with Warren Buffett taking stage and answering questions for 8 hours. In the 12 years I have lived in Nebraska I have attended 6 events.

The one message I always get from Warren is just how simple everything is and not to get drawn into the latest greatest thing.

Every year 10 different people ask 10 different ways about how if he had to start over tomorrow what would he do, or what secret tools he uses to be successful or whatever the “real secrets are”.

He always says the same thing. “Its very simple – I buy and sell things that I understand. The part I invest in is people”.

The takeaway from that is huge and applies to about anything. As I talked about many times on people who are looking to get started in making money online the worse thing you can do is chase a fad that you heard makes a lot of money… but you know nothing about. I have personally never seen that work and even when people have said it “can” work nobody has ever been able to provide me with an example where it has.

Another thing is companies that invest in email marketing. They sign up for aweber or constant contact or whatever. They are sold on the end result that this is going to allow them to keep in touch with their customer.

They sign up… and then they have no clue what to do. And when they do email out to their customer they blast out only when they have sales… and then they wonder why people complain and they state email marketing “does not work”.

This is one of the reason’s why our PAR Program is growing so fast. We do everything for our clients and have 8 years+ experience doing it.   A-Z copywriting,  graphics, programing whatever is needed to make it work for our clients.  And we have unparalleled customer services with our client managers.

You have spent years building and selling your products… Most of these newsletter services have NEVER done email marketing themselves.

Then they come to us and email marketing goes from “it doesn’t work” to “omg 10-50% of ALL of our sales are coming through this.”

If your company is ready to go from a newsletter service to a enterprise level,  secure, and PCI data compliant company that does everything for you then give us a shout.

22 thoughts on “Take Aways From Warren Buffett

  1. Jennifer Vu

    Frankly we received a lot from Buffet foundation for last 10 years. I also learnt a lot from him in terms of doing business in a simple way :-)

  2. Ellis

    I have been telling my boss we need to sign up for the PAR Program and of course he won’t listen to me :)

  3. Maisie

    Warren Buffett is seriously one of the coolest most humble person you will ever find.

  4. Clyde

    whatt, Im sure they have all done email Marketing at some point in their life!!! haha

  5. Abe

    You guys have done a great job helping me along the PAR system, thanks!
    I would recommend it to everyone!

  6. Glenn

    How many people do you have signed up for PAR Program so far? Seems like you guys are really starting to explode!

  7. Stephen Malan

    Uncle Warren has always kept things simple and he has profited from that approach. Kind of tells you something eh?

    We had the opportunity to attend the shareholders meeting some years back and it was very enlightening.

    Thanks for the post on Warren Buffett

  8. Cecil

    I have never been to the BH event but I would love to go! Do you ever have an event around it? It would be cool to come to NE and visit and see what it is all about sometime in the next two years

  9. Harriet

    That man like owns the world and knows his shit that is for sure! Really, what a brilliant man. Have you had the chance of ever meeting him Shoe?

  10. Josef

    I have heard so much about your PAR Program. It seems like you are doing well Shoe and that is always great to hear. Keep up the work man

  11. Kirk

    How do you get a chance to go to this event? I bet it would be amazing especially since he is probably going to be retiring here shortly

  12. Dennis

    I had the chance to go this year and it was great! Just to see how Warren acts on stage and him laugh shows he is a down to earth person. I really think this is why people do business with him

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