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Hot New Internet Products April 29th – May 3rd.

by Jeremy Schoemaker on May 4, 2013 · 20 comments

Here is a list of the newest internet marketing tools. All items listed are certified with volume sold and refund rate. Refund rate is a great indication of customers satisfied with the product. If one of these products interest you click the find out more information to go to their sales page which will be a much more detailed page about the product. All products come with at least a 30 day refund rate.

Domain Profit Sniper -Find expired domains with high page ranks and flip them to make a profit. Cost: $9.97 – Products Sold to date: 2500+ Refund Rate: 4.96% Click here for more information

Evil FB Magician: Magic FB Ads-  Watch how Facebook Guru, Dr. Ben Adkins, builds a profitable list an any niche using a super clever, and simple method. All is revealed inside his guide. Cost: $97.00 Products Sold to date: 4000+ Refund Rate: 0.98% Click here for more information

Social Lead Freak Pro - It’s lead generation software that searches all of Facebook and G+ for keyword(s). In FB, events, places, pages, groups, and profiles are ALL searched… Very powerful stuff. You also have one click extract of Member ID’s of people that ‘attended’ events. Price: $47.oo Products Sold to date: 1500+ Refund Rate: 0.82% Click here for more information

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1 faisal

So many products, what to choose?

2 dean

oh, my god, take adsense check off your frontpage, what been there since 2005?????? what a forever fat dork!

3 Jeremy Schoemaker

haha people dictate what picture is displayed there. Amazing isnt it that a fat dork still gets some traffic

4 Sid

does anyone actually use Google +?

5 Kiara

I broke down and bought one this week :)

6 Jarvis

All three are great products from what I have heard, just wish I and some disposable income.. :(

7 Jordon

My brother bought the Evil FB Magician, I think he likes it so far.. I think.

8 Brendon


9 Inge

Looks like some great products here. @ Sid, I think Google+ is coming back into fashion!

10 Garrett

$97 huh? That is by far the most expensive “Hot Product” so far.

11 Bernard

Thanks for added more information here for us this time around Jeremy. This is great stuff and I am really liking it a lot.

12 Clifton

do you think you can put the picture of what the product looks like and like who made the product by it?

13 Johnathan

dude did you know that you rank for “hot new products” you are like 4th in google. that is great

14 Orlando

How long have you been doing this hot new products? I think it would be a great idea to pull in feedback from people who have signed up for the products

15 Herbert

Great content and products here. If you had to choose one which would be your go to product?

16 Rodmastar

Filemaker developer.. Neat free Filemaker Go is nice, how deskTop app easily put to ipads or all my office apps without being a real app developer. Chk my apps

17 Devin

Is there an email newsletter I can get on to receive these weekly by a chance? I love looking at new products that come out and just seeing what the product world has to offer me

18 Rachael

Have you ever thought about doing awesome apps that just came out and featuring those on the blog? maybe a monthly thing

19 Alphonse

Can you add pictures of the products or names on who makes them next time?

20 Marvin

Dude the sniper is where it is at. I would suggest everyone get something like this.

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