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This is the featured advertiser on ShoeMoney. Put your company here!

This FSF is just in time for the summer! If you are in need of some new swim gear this year be sure to check out

As I was browsing through the site looking at their selection I came across one pair where they used a Vine video to show more about the product. That was pretty cool I thought, I am surprised more websites don’t do that.

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15 thoughts on “Free Shirt Friday –

  1. Bonnie

    That Vine video is very clever, like you said I can’t believe more people havent done that yet!

  2. Cliff

    Great site! I cannot wait to bust mine out for the summer time. Love boating season

  3. Boyce

    Has anyone every bought from here before? They are not expensive and great quality I think. I have not been disappointed yet.

  4. Richie

    That is like a mean glare or stare you are giving there Shoe!

    Did they send you shorts to try?

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