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This FSF is just in time for the summer! If you are in need of some new swim gear this year be sure to check out

As I was browsing through the site looking at their selection I came across one pair where they used a Vine video to show more about the product. That was pretty cool I thought, I am surprised more websites don’t do that.

 If you would like to see your website or company featured on Free Shirt Friday click here.

15 thoughts on “Free Shirt Friday –

  1. Bonnie

    That Vine video is very clever, like you said I can’t believe more people havent done that yet!

  2. Cliff

    Great site! I cannot wait to bust mine out for the summer time. Love boating season

  3. Boyce

    Has anyone every bought from here before? They are not expensive and great quality I think. I have not been disappointed yet.

  4. Richie

    That is like a mean glare or stare you are giving there Shoe!

    Did they send you shorts to try?

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