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Anyone who has read this blog for very long knows that I am and have been a UFC fan pretty much since Dana White and his partners bought it over 10 years ago.

Dana White is a marketing genius and I thought this video on how he built the UFC from broke to THE biggest sporting brand.

19 thoughts on “@DanaWhite at Stanford Business School

  1. Ryan

    He took MMA from an underground break-their-teeth bloodbath to a legitimate sport. People thought of it as nothing more than a savage and inhumane gore-fest, now it’s seen as a respectable sport. He standardized it and made it TV friendly.

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  3. Bryon

    When I have an hour to kill sometime in an airport I am defiantly coming back to this blog and watching this video.

  4. Robbie

    THE biggest sporting brand Jeremy? Try the NFL.. then MLB, then NBA, then NASCAR. :)

  5. Bud

    Gotta love Dana White! He is the man. Great idea and he executed it better than anyone could have thought.

  6. Angeline

    Marketing genius I would say. He has events all throughout the world and the fighters and families/friends or fans that support them all diverse

  7. Christi

    This is powerful! I mean they have lots of diverse fighters in the UFC and they are definitely making a huge brand out of themselves. These fights get a lot of people together and it attracts all ages

  8. Nancy

    Not something I would normally have watched but I’m glad I did. Really powerful – I really admire his focus on the customer and providing great value.

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