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@DanaWhite at Stanford Business School

by Jeremy Schoemaker on May 2, 2013 · 19 comments

Anyone who has read this blog for very long knows that I am and have been a UFC fan pretty much since Dana White and his partners bought it over 10 years ago.

Dana White is a marketing genius and I thought this video on how he built the UFC from broke to THE biggest sporting brand.

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1 Stephen Malan

Love Dana, always tells it like it is. Doesn’t hold back much.

Thanks for posting!

2 Ryan

He took MMA from an underground break-their-teeth bloodbath to a legitimate sport. People thought of it as nothing more than a savage and inhumane gore-fest, now it’s seen as a respectable sport. He standardized it and made it TV friendly.

Shoemoney 3 Cookie Snatcher

Exactly right!

4 Irwin

Have you ever met Dana White?

5 Elias

Thats tight!

6 Bryon

When I have an hour to kill sometime in an airport I am defiantly coming back to this blog and watching this video.

Shoemoney 7 Aaron James

I thought the same thing haha!

8 Teodoro

That guy is such a Boss!

9 Robbie

THE biggest sporting brand Jeremy? Try the NFL.. then MLB, then NBA, then NASCAR. :)

Shoemoney 10 Ron Swanson

And maybe the NHL!

11 faisal

Maybe in the fight category?

12 Bud

Gotta love Dana White! He is the man. Great idea and he executed it better than anyone could have thought.

13 Angeline

Marketing genius I would say. He has events all throughout the world and the fighters and families/friends or fans that support them all diverse

14 Christi

This is powerful! I mean they have lots of diverse fighters in the UFC and they are definitely making a huge brand out of themselves. These fights get a lot of people together and it attracts all ages

15 Jason

Love UFC fights! What ever happened to

16 Nancy

Not something I would normally have watched but I’m glad I did. Really powerful – I really admire his focus on the customer and providing great value.

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