Bolder Fresher Tour With Review With Bill O’rielly and Dennis Miller

I had scored some amazing tickets to go see the Bolder Fresher tour with Bill O’rielly and Dennis Miller.  We sat 4th row center and had V.I.P. passes that allowed us to attend a meet and greet with Miller and O’rielly after the show.

This was really awesome.  I am a HUGE fan of Bill O’rielly as he is one of america’s last true journalists.

Dennis Miller started off the show with Bill introducing him as the “fresher” part of the show.  He is hilarious and one of the things I really liked about him was how current his jokes were.  Most of his bit was things that happened in the last couple weeks.  It wasn’t some schtick that he just does everywhere.  I like that.  I know some comics and know how hard it is to write new material so I really respect that.


Bill O’rielly came out and.. man that guy is such a amazing speaker.  I have seen him in debates before but he had no teleprompter,  no notes,  and was on point.  He told some very interesting stories about what went on behind the Romney Campaign and why he lost.



After Bill went off the stage him and Dennis came out and took questions from the audience.

They gave some great answers and went off on tangents and told stories that were all disclaimers of “this is something we would never say on television” kind of things.  All hilarious.

round table

After the event we went back stage to hang out with Bill and Dennis.  It was a decent size group of about 50 people or so.

Each person could go up and talk to them,  get a picture,  and a signed copy of Dennis Miller’s DVD and Bill O’rielly’s newest book,  “Killing Kennedy.



I am all about life experiences and this was one I will never forget.  I feel very fortunate to share this experience with my wife who normally,  because of her hectic schedule,  never gets to travel with me.