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Hot New Internet Products April 22nd – 26th

by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 27, 2013 · 17 comments

Here is a list of the newest internet marketing tools. All items listed are certified with volume sold and refund rate. Refund rate is a great indication of customers satisfied with the product. If one of these products interest you click the find out more information to go to their sales page which will be a much more detailed page about the product. All products come with at least a 30 day refund rate.

Mobile Weaponizer -Pocket sized presentations that close clients like crazy. Cost: $17.00 – Products Sold to date: 500+ Refund Rate: 0.17% Click here for more information

Ace Comet -  Revolutionary market research technique that ranks videos on the 1st page of Google for high competition affiliate products. It works for every affiliate network, including Amazon, Clickbank,  and Commission Junction. Cost: $13.00 Products Sold to date: 1500+ Refund Rate: 8.84% Click here for more information

Adsense Supremacy - Great training on emailing for a niche website. Price: $9.93 Products Sold to date: 1000+ Refund Rate: 4.47% Click here for more information

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1 faisal

Interesting products, as always.

2 Enrique

Adsense Supremacy is where its at im telling ya!

3 Alec

Ace Comet is a pretty damn good deal if I do say so myself.

4 Bridget

If graduation was coming up for my kids I would defiantly buy one of these.

5 Millard

Thanks again for this Jeremy, where do you find these products?

6 Rhett

I have bought one product off of each weeks “How New Internet Products” and I got to say it has been money well spent.

7 Sunday

Hi Jeremy, thanks for this recommendation but it would have been good if you have explained more about these products to your readers.

Stating their refund rates and low cost is not enough to convince most people in trusting the product. Hope you understand?
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Sunday – contributor

8 Maeve

I would like to see more comments on how these products really work. I mean it is great they are cheap but it doesnt tell me a lot about the product itself

9 Dario

Have you used any of these products personally jeremy?

10 Wilford

Thanks for sharing Jeremy the only thing I do not like is that you do not give a whole lot of information on here. Can you describe more about the products next week I think that would help

11 Colin

Do you know of a good product that could teach someone how to arbitrage?

12 Alma

Love Ace Comet! I really was impressed with this and fo the cost you really cannot beat it at all.

13 Steve

Do you think you recommend a product next week for website design and pop-up creation?

14 Michael Cooper

I am an avid reader of your blogs and wait to see new products every week. Ace comet looks good. Videos are considered to be the most effective strategy to attract customers. And if our videos show in the 1st page of search engine, it will definitely add value to our business.

15 Ryan Bailey

You know, I like this format of new product recommendations. Not “in your face”, far better than the endless email promotions that I’m constantly deleting from my inbox without reading. Just a suggestion but maybe once a month or so you could repeat them all in one post and put them into categories eg Adsense, Video Marketing, etc? Depends if there’s enough new products I guess.


16 Mike AdultAdspy

I’ve actually used the Weaponizer and while MS products such as power point etc would seem an obvious choice, they come up very short. Weaponizer is great for making an on the fly, yet robust presentation that doesn’t look ‘cheap’. It has good features mixed with some very welcomed panache.

17 Terence

They use sensitive electronics and finely machined parts.

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