New braille smart phone?

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This is super cool.

As I was surfing through the Internet last night I came across an article on MSN that talks about a new braille smart phone that is being developed in India. Basically pins on the phone raise and lower to form braille words for the visually impaired.

From the way I am understanding it you can use the camera on the phone to pick up words off of a piece of paper and turn them to braille on the phone as well.

This phone is a perfect example of how technology is helping the world all the time. It wasn’t until after I read this article that I realized blind people have been using apps on smart phones for quite sometime now such as a money reader that tells them the difference between a $1 and $10 bill.

With a smartphone like this it opens businesses up to and entire new target market

18 thoughts on “New braille smart phone?

  1. Carlo

    Wow, that is amazing honestly I guess I have never really thought about blind people wanting to use an apple iphone i guess that would be hard

  2. Kari

    Great avenue path to explore… i am sure people are now starting to think of games that can be created around this

  3. Miranda

    I wonder if someone has ever thought about creating screen covers for iphones that have braille on them. Do you think that would work at all?

  4. Sam Woods

    I am surprised that this hasn’t been tried before. It might have, but the technology wasn’t there?

    This really is a good idea, I hope it works out for them and they make lots of $$$.

    Just goes to show that there is always niches out there, you just have to think outside the box!


  5. Morton

    Wonder why it took so long for someone to invent something like this before. I bet there is a huge market for things like this because hell people who are blind cannot even play temple run :(

  6. Robyn

    So surprised someone has not come out with something like this already. What a great idea honestly and a whole new market for those with ideas

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  8. Gerry

    Hi Shoe,

    I think ur a pretty cool guy.
    My comment has nothing to do with this article.
    I need to tell u that it customer support is iffy.
    I purchased the shoemoney system a while back but asked for a refund within the 90 days. The said they didn’t have my name on record and that’s it. I had never received a confirmation email but I copied the welcome page and I have the purchase on my CC.

    Can u pls help me?


  9. Dee

    you’re right this totally opens a new door for businesses. I am interested to see one of these phones first hand just to see what it feels like and how it works. for $185 that is a deal!!!

  10. Joaquin

    Not only does this open a new world for businesses but for blind people as well, glad to see something like this in the world!

  11. David Wedge

    Its certainly an interesting idea, certainly a braille keyboard on the phone would make a lot of sense for writing texts. I just wonder how it works with the limited space available on a phone?

  12. Erica

    I’m sure that the braille phone is similar to the dynamic braille keyboard that exists. The iPhone is currently the most accessible phone to people who are blind – it offers VoiceOver, Inverted Colors, Zoom, etc. I work in accessibility with a few people who are blind, and they all have iPhones because of the native screen reader accessibility.

  13. Constantin

    where do you get all those fascinating news? Optimizing phones, computer devices and everything else with a display for blind – as well as deaf people – seems like the best thing to do for the future. I’m often noticing adjustments made for visually impaired people on some websites and always feel like there has to be more of things like that.

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