BlueGlass Wants You To Know Its Out Of Money

A few years ago I wrote about how the best of the SEO/SEM world were coming together to form the BlueGlass agency.

I did have concerns though… Here is a small excerpt I wrote:

While on paper it looks like a no brainier, I can tell you from my own experience, forming a company with other self-made entrepreneurs can end up a disaster, not only from a company standpoint but a personal one as well.


I have seen a lot of people come and go since I first came into the industry 7 years ago. If they can pull it off, I have no doubt they will dominate the industry. If not, it’s going to be like when your 2 friends (in this case 15) date and then have a bad break up… awkward…

Well its been getting awkward =(.

But its not happened over night. and actually I thought things were straightened out….


Today I started getting emails and texts about “What the hell is going on with BlueGlass”. Now I had not heard about anything so I was as surprised as anyone. Then someone sent me a link to this video… which I am sure you have seen.

I gotta say this video is weird and maybe there is none of the originals left… but I can’t see any of them making a video about how broke the company is…. but how its going to get better.

Who is this video for? I don’t get it… It sure as hell doesn’t seem like Greg Boser, Chris Winfield, or the other people involved in the company (if they are still involved).


I guess this is where the video answer came from, from people’s best guess:


Which that makes more sense if the CEO and CMO have resigned. Maybe these brits are now in charge of things… I know this video isnt the previous exec teams style..

Can you see Greg Boser Or Chris Winfield making a video that just says “Hey we are out of money… but we will figure it out” kind of statement without any rhyme or reason? I can’t.

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