PAR Program Announces Reseller Program

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The PAR Program is happy to announce our Reseller Program.

The PAR Program works very well for any business selling a product or offering a service. So as you can imagine the market for this product is HUGE.

We have been testing the reseller program with a few people and they are all doing extremely well.

Here is a short video explaining how it works:

You provide 100% service to your clients. You have the freedom and flexibility to resell the program and any other services you want at whatever price point works best for you.

Often times our clients need additional services which you can upsell and do them yourself or have us do them for you. These services include:

  • Copywriting.
  • Email Template, popup & page design, and other misc graphic design.
  • Basic programing related to get the Par Program up and running (API custom integration).

We also provide you with full training and marketing materials including case studies to help you resell the program.

As a certified reseller you will also have a dedicated account manager who can answer any questions you have.

We will be limiting resellers to certain demographic areas so you will want to lock in your regional area.

Contact anna at if you have any questions.

19 thoughts on “PAR Program Announces Reseller Program

  1. Perry

    this can have great potential for anyone in a large market city. I am not sure how well it will work for smaller areas though.

  2. Liza

    I feel like this will hurt you in the long long run if you get a lot of people to sign up for the reseller program and they knock it out the park. Therfore it is a good idea youre limiting people.

  3. Lemuel

    Im confused, so if I sign up and my clients need help with email is that something they pay me or I have them pay you to do?

  4. Brice

    This looks like a great service. I have so many clients that desperately need this… I totally call Oklahoma city!

  5. Marcelo

    So, if i am understanding you correctly… I pay for one account and then from there I can have unlimited lists and clients under my account that I charge?

  6. Tatum

    This is kinda a no brainer for anyone who is a sales person and has clients. Will you help us like as if we are a client but you wont manage our clients … is that correct?

  7. Holly

    Love the video shoe! I think that the reseller program is the way to go. So, can any client then become a reseller?

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