eBay’s New Look

As you know I have had quite the relationship with eBay during my Auction Ads days.

Recently they have made some changes to their site most notably their ‘Feed’ on the homepage showing auctions that are personalized to you favorite searches and displaying them in a similar fashion as Pintrest.


This was a genius move by eBay. There is a substantial amount of people who use eBay as a form of entertainment so taking a page out of Pintrest book was a no brainier.

People can simple keep scrolling down and down and down and new ads keep coming. Then once someone sees what they like they can mouse over it and get the important details such as the price.

Very simple to use.

The new logo however was probably the boldest move of all, not that its all that different but changing a logo after 17 years is a pretty big deal.


I am curious to see what numbers eBay has seen since these changes. I am willing to bet that the amount of time customers spend on the site and increased a substantial amount which as we all know leads to the ultimate goal: MORE MONEY!