Should I buy a “make money online product”

Yesterday I made a post for people looking for the magic bullet.  A lot of the post made the point about how you don’t need money to try to make money online.

With what I said people are probably thinking that they should never buy a info product to teach them anything, especially when getting started.  False – within reason.

To date, over the last 8 years, I have purchased more than $150,000 worth of info products.  But stick with me here…   Over the years I have set aside a budget specifically for that as it has been relative with my income.  It’s like continuing education for me.

The Start

When I started my product I bought that made the difference were books on how to build a website.  How to write programs.  Probably started with a hundred dollars worth of books.  This sounds like chump change right?  Well at the time that was a sizable investment.  But I had a passion on a subject and it was fun to learn these skills to accomplish that task.  Actually to punctuate that it was vital and I would not be where I am without those initial  how to books.

The Evolution

  • After I built my site from those books, built a site that I wanted,  eventually I evolved into making money with AdSense.  I bought a PDF for like $99 that drastically improved the amount of revenue I was making.
  • Then I got into SEO and bought a $99 e-book called SEOBOOK by Aaron Wall.
  • After that I got into affiliate marketing and purchased a product that was in the $500 range which really got my brain thinking.
  • Then I got more into the psychology of making money online and invested in books like Influence and read every book that Seth Godin has written.

Again all made a difference in my income.  After the first year or so I made a commitment to spend 10% of my profit per month to purchase books, products, and sometimes conferences.

But again its all relative.  If one of these products makes a 1% difference in my company ongoing that is HUGE.

What makes me sick is when people who don’t have a website should not invest in a $2,000 program about making money with websites.  Makes sense right?  But people do…

Recently I shared with my readers an excellent program called the Amazing Selling Machine which is all about selling products on Amazon.   It is a truly remarkable and I have not promoted anything in that price range since 2009-ish.  Reason being everything I have seen is such bullshit and saturated that while it might work for the person that is promoting it that person probably has a passion for it but more importantly they have many years experience doing exactly what they are selling.

This product is somewhat like the free wordpress platform but for people  who have no interest in blogging, programing, or even having their own website.

One of the biggest reasons I love it is people don’t have to have a website…  want to write a blog…  or whatever.  And the products you can sell on Amazon…  Well its infinite.  No matter what your into or passionate about I doubt there is not a market for it.  They also do walk you through the process.  What you should sell, how to sell it, where to buy products at wholesale, how much to sell them for… and also some ninja software to make sure the stuff your selling lists at the top.

So I say its remarkable in that its something completely NEW and TOTALLY unsaturated.  And the best part is with a little research you basically have next to no financial risk.  Also with my personal experience in buying wholesale computers and reselling them on eBay I know how big this can get.  And Amazon is 100x bigger.   Also there is a local company here…  All they do is buy and sell books on Amazon.  Its a hundred+ million dollar company.  So ya…  I like this product a lot.

I purchased it cause I can totally see me doing it as a hobby to start and perhaps it evolves into a full company.  

So again buying products to “teach you how to make money online” can be a very smart investment.  It just has to be within reason.  If your unemployed and making it paycheck to paycheck I strongly do not advise you invest in a thousand dollar “make money overnight” system.

And ALWAYS research the person behind the product.

Now I know a lot of people reading this right now already have an excuse as to why they can’t get started.

  • I don’t know how to program.
  • I don’t have enough time.
  • I don’t know how to make a website.
  • I don’t have any passions.
  • I don’t own a computer (This sounds funny but I have people contact me from a library computer).

If you are saying any of those things to yourself then I recommend not investing in any info product.

Maybe your reading this site because you just find me funny,  or you were that hot chick in high school that regrets not giving me a piece because I was fat (sorry),  or..  you enjoy my weird sense of humor.

Here is the deal.  This shit is crazy.  Right now I am building a long term stable company and that took a sizable investment.  Thank god we are past the dip and doing very well now.

Our in house CPA looks at me funny sometimes when that company is operating on slim margins as its growing and I rip off a 100k or so out of the blue on something that I stumbled on in my free time.

Those spikes of revenue are awesome when your underwear in your basement.  Not fun when you have a lot of overhead.  So its something that literally is a hobby of mine I do in my spare time.  Yea its fun as shit to be a cowboy but I have a wife and 2 daughters now and people that rely on me so I can’t go on 2 hours a sleep jacked up on redbull.

But maybe you can?  

I know I am all over the board here.  Thats what happens when you spend 2 hours writing a blog post in 5 minute increments when you have spare time for your “hobby”.

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