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Outsourcing to an outside web design agency can bring substantial benefits to your business…

Outsourcing is more cost effective for small projects where the cost of hiring, salaries, training and equipment would be prohibitive for an in-house team.

An outside agency brings new ideas and solutions that an internal team does not offer. Outside agencies have a broader vision of the digital landscape, rather than what is just happening within one company.

Outside agencies need to ensure they are cutting-edge to stay competitive. This ensures that the quality of work is delivered at the highest level. Outside agencies tend to be bigger than in house teams and they have more specialized and crews with higher skill levels. For small and midsize businesses, I recommend outsourcing and here’s why:

 Outsourcing Will Save You Money!!! 

Which is exactly why we use Content OffShore for all our graphic needs.

As you may remember I talked about them in January as well.

When outsourcing web design, you only pay for the time spent on the project or a flat-fee for the project.

The result is cost savings since using in-house resources for your web programming produces a necessary financial commitment to the web designer. This can be in the form of salary, equipment, bonuses, education, company benefits, and more.

The Competitive Drive of Outside Agencies Helps your Website

The web design business is very competitive by nature. So the best outside agencies stay competitive in order to thrive in this sector. There is a lot of pressure on outside design agencies to be current with the latest technology, web design techniques, innovations, and software developments. Outside agencies are often better staffed and use the latest technology to produce impressive, cross platform website designs.

Outsourcing Means New Ideas

Which is one aspect that I truly enjoy. It is very easy to start to become repetitive and boring if you are stubborn and stuck in your ways. This can really start to hurt your business if you are not producing something the customers like.

That’s why is it nice to bring in someone with an outside view of your company and how they picture your brand. I can say without a doubt Content Offshore has brought back some fresh life to the ShoeMoney brand.

Here is an example of what they did for my book release.

Content Offshore


I am not the only one who has found success with them however..

“After designing the layout for a website for one of our clients, we sent out designs to Content Offshore, and the results could not have been more spectacular! With constant communications through digital platforms, Content Offshore made sure they were on top of the project and followed through with detailed precision. I look forward to working with them on future projects and continuing to showcase their creative and intelligent solutions! They are the “go-to” digital partner for Bleick Studio now.” – Jason Bleick – CEO of Bleick Studio

“Content Offshore has been a pleasure to work with!  They will work with you until you are satisfied and then ask for more. The very first job we gave them was completed within a few hours and they were right on target with the design. The team is knowledgeable, responsive, and fast! You won’t find a better creative design studio.” – Chad French – President/Founder of PeerFly, Inc.

“After using Content Offshore for projects for over a year, we were so impressed by the quality of the product as well as projects always being done on time (which never happens in the real world), we decided they earned the right to be our Exclusive Digital Design Agency.  They have been our exclusive design agency for the past 6 months and we could not be happier.  Jonathan is an absolute pleasure to work with and makes life ‘easier’ on us daily.” – Graham Gochneaur – President/CEO of Pristine Media Group

“Jonathan Marshall and Content Offshore have consistently shown themselves to be ahead of the competition in execution of interactive design, development while clearly demonstrating strategic and forward thinking. We are impressed by the expertise and dedication set forth to build products, which were delivered on time and superseded all expectation. “Content Offshore” and “delivering on promise” should be considered synonymous.” -Brian Lisi – CEO of Qello

“We have been using Content Offshore for design services for quite some time.  They are really a pleasure to work with.  Projects are completed on time and beyond our expectations.  They really make our company look amazing. I would consider them our secret weapon” – Carl A. Saling III- Director of Awesome – TheMobileTitans

24 thoughts on “Content Offshore

  1. Refugio

    Great advice, thanks again Shoemoney. I will be back again looking for some more words of wisdom 😛

  2. Simon

    What do you use shoe to explain what you want for your graphics guy to design? I like to use pictures but is there a tool out there that is good to use to draw over custom pictures?

  3. Hubert

    Thanks for the recommendation Jeremy. As you said in the post tine web design industry is very competitive and there are TONS to choose from. Next time we look to do some graphic work I ask them.

  4. Seth

    Wow it looks like the day some pretty sweet stuff! I am for sure going to check them out. Are their prices affordable?

  5. Gregorio

    We do everything in house where I work and I wish we didn’t.. like you were talking about you don’t get as fresh of ideas. Everything just gets circulated around.

  6. Grace

    that pop-up is really sweet have you had them do any other work? What kind of time frame do they work off of ?

    1. Jonathan Marshall

      Most projects are turned around in a week or two. We can add more people to certain projects to expedite them as well. We try our best to meet all deadlines because we know they matter :)

  7. Palmer

    Do you find outsourcing to someone for graphic work is hard to deal with? It is hard to explain what you want over an email.

    1. Jonathan Marshall

      Sometimes email descriptions are hard to follow. We use Skype as our main communication tool between clients. That way people can express what they are looking for much better and we can also send comps and get fast approvals on design work. It really expedites things when we are able to speak directly with our clients, not just email. We are always available and are known for very short response times. We are always in the US time zone, 6 months CST like now and then 6 months of EST. We do not have daylight savings time in Panama, just lots of sun!

  8. daniel

    It’s true that an outside web design agency can bring some fresh ideas into your business. And from my own experience these agencies usually concentrate on generating high quality content, which today plays a crucial role in the whole process. A few days ago I read an interesting article about a guy called Lorne Marr who set up his business here in Canada and then decided to penetrate the online insurance market. He found a little company called Foliovision and entrusted its team with that task and after a few years the guy runs a multimillion-dollar business. And as he explains in the article the key to his success right now is the constant search for high quality content regularly presented on his website.

  9. Elton David

    This trend has thrust a great demand in building up a new line of robust and versatile applications and increased the need of offshore web development.

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