Hotmail and The New Outlook.

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As I am sure most of you have heard all Hotmail users got a facelift the other day when Microsoft phased out Hotmail forever and upgraded everyone to Outlook.

This was of major importance to us around the office considering the PAR Program relies heavily on how receptive Hotmail was to our emails and not sending them straight to the spam folder.

Fortunately for us we haven’t seemed to have any problems with the transition and emails are getting delivered as they were before.

I will say I am impressed with the new design and layout. It is very clean and taking on the Windows 8 theme was a smart move on Microsofts part.


While I am on the topic of Microsoft I would like to send out my condolences to MSN Messenger after Microsoft killed it off for good last Friday and emailed all messenger users to use Skype now instead.

25 thoughts on “Hotmail and The New Outlook.

  1. Renee

    Does Microsoft own Skype now? I know eBay used to this just seems like an odd move. MSN Messgener had to have been fairly cheap for them to keep around.

    1. jjohn

      They always stick stuff up our asses….”because they can”
      Mine is f***** ** the dates don’t show plus a few other problems

  2. Giovanni

    When I heard all the news about this I was thinking about you Shoe and the PAR Program. Glad to hear it all turned out alright. Disaster avoided. LOL

  3. Alan

    All around smart move by Microsoft. They have been getting their asses kick by Apple and I have been patiently waiting for them to start throwing some counter punches. These jabs are a great start.

  4. Tegan

    I love the new Outlook design. In the past I was all about Hotmail but then I eventually made the move to gmail. I would move back I like the new Outlook so much but it’s too much of a hassle.

  5. John Smyth

    Funnily enough my account got hacked 4 months ago and when Hotmail unlocked it for me it had the new design, I was confused at the time but obviously I got a beta version, very nice though.

  6. Lonny

    What a great move for Microsoft and really smart as it kinda pushes people to maybe try outlook if they like this look and feel for the “off brand”

  7. Courtney

    Wow the new hotmail does look really sheek I will have to say. I am not use to looking at something so classy that is free

  8. Sanford

    I still think hotmail users should check their spam folder and see how much stuff is going to spam that they are missing. I mean really they should convert to gmail way safer and your shit isnt hacked

  9. Kimberly

    I can’t stand the changes. Outlook looks awful with Chrome (which I believe was intentional).

    I plan to fully set up with Google (gmail) at this point. This was the push I needed.


  10. Logan

    As a google chrome user I HATE the new hotmail. I know I’m weird but out of all of my emails, I liked the old hotmail best.

  11. Lord Flay

    Oh my god…you’re actually endorsing this change?? It is a pile of shit!…all the grey text is hard to read and all blends into one, the layout is confusing and, my favourite, when you reply to an email, it then starts to lists the first sender of old emails as YOU and when you go ‘sort by “From”‘ it replies with ‘Sorry, there are too many emails in this folder, please use SEARCh’. WHY the fuck would I want to see my OWN name on almost every email when i am looking back through my old stuff trying to find an old email to reference? Yet again, Microsoft, the worlds largest peddler of Crapware, has done it again. Another stinking heaps of crap…seriously, who does their testing? the guys who design the thing?? No wonder they green light it.

  12. Dennis Nilsson

    New outlook interface is slow, horrible, unusable, and as of yesterday stopped responding completely so I can’t check mail at all through the web. I want the nice cool working interface that Hotmail had before this new Outlook.

    Everytime, I get used to something, they have to screw it up. I’m leaning towards switching to gmail at his point..

  13. Poppy Cantin

    Yep, this is the end of hotmail for me. I’ve had my account for 16 years and hoped to have it forever. Not anymore. Thank you for making my decision easier to switch to gmail for good. I was loyal until you screwed up, and for seemingly no reason.

  14. James

    Absolute rubbish – some days outlook can take up to five minutes to send an email (oh, a straight one that is, with no attachments)! Eh? Great improvement Microsoft – really “bright and intelligent”.

    Way to go – Bill, I hope you’re enjoying your Billions.

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