iPad Mini Or $350 Apple gift card – ASM Closing

Quickly – The “Amazing Selling Machine” Builder’s Kit is about to go offline. I meant to address this earlier but forgot in all the excitement.

Because there are so many international buyers I will give you a choice of an iPad Mini OR a $350 Apple Gift Card when you purchase through my link and remain a customer after 30 days.

The “Amazing Selling Machine” Builder’s Kit will be no longer available after today. The web classes will be starting soon and they are very close to being filled up.

If you’re interested in building a successful business selling real products on Amazon then you’ll want to act fast!

There is a reason you have not seen me talk about products in this range for many years. That is because I have not come across anything like this out there. Too many of the “guru’s” will peddle anything to make a buck.

I am giving you back my commission in the form of a iPad mini when you buy through my link.

Here it is:


I already invested in this and have been talking to other students in the forums. Come join us.

Keep in mind that this has a zero risk 30 day guarantee that I PERSONALLY will back. If you have ANY ISSUES getting a refund please notify me and I will handle it personally for you.


See you there!