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Free Shirt Friday – BMIElite

by Jeremy Schoemaker on March 15, 2013 · 23 comments

First off thanks for the booze. If some of you forgot if you send me booze I will shoot your FSF straight to the front of the line. ;) Funny thing is… that’s all BMI sent us haha. They are  a full serviced digital advertising agency.

Side note – We have no idea what sort of booze is in this bottle we have a poll going around the office.



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1 Advo Girl

They didn’t even send a matching Tshirt? Would have made a better picture.

2 faisal

They did not need to.

3 Sylvester

Your poster says “January” might want to change that… :)

4 Jeremy Schoemaker

Good call!

5 Mike

Hey Jeremy, save some hooch for the big fight tomorrow night! Who are you picking?

6 Lonnie

BMI is good shit, iv worked with them for awhile now. Highly recommend, very nice people too.

7 Clement

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

8 Jose

Haha this is awesome! Wonder if it is water ? Stay hydrated right

9 Isaac

I am guessing Vodka… if I know shoeMoney he is definitely a vodka redbull kinda guy

10 Barry

Crack it open and find out haha! It is Friday after all.

11 Santo Leo

Shoe – It’s Organic Vodka made in Denver ;)

12 Janiya

FAC !!! hahaha that is a great way to start your Friday man.

and it is a pretty sweet idea to brand liquor with your company logo that will get attention

13 Nevaeh

…still waiting on my FSF to go up… :)

14 Blair

The fuck is on your hoodie there Shoe? lol

15 Tommie

Getting crazy in the ShoeMoney office … Thirsty Thursdays.

16 Zelida

Love the people over at BMI Elite great peeps!

17 TJ

It’s their new brand of vodka with a proprietary blend of frog piss. Stay tuned for the downloadable pdf of “why asian frogs make the best vodka” and affiliate program “gribbit money making empire”. Can’t wait till GMME launches after the hangovers subside.

18 Jeremy Schoemaker


19 Conbraco valve uae


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