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Woot I finally got in

by Jeremy Schoemaker on March 12, 2013 · 12 comments

Like many of you I was unable to sign up for the Amazing Selling Machine  yesterday.  The site was bombarded with traffic.  However I know a lot of you were getting in cause I was getting a bunch of emails from people telling me where to send their iPad by signing up through my link ;).

First off just to answer that when all the spots sell out (should be soon) – I will send out a email to all the people who bought through my link and get your address on where to send the iPad mini.

Anyway about an hour ago I was able to get in.  I am really psyched about this and already joined in on the forum member community.  One thing about a higher end product like this is the community is filled with very smart people who help each other.

It’s nice seeing a bunch of familiar faces in there.   If you haven’t yet come join us by signing up here and say hi!

Oh and don’t forget I will buy you a iPad Mini if you remain a customer in good standing for signing up through my link.

I am not putting any pressure on ya but this will close soon.  Seats are filling fast.

Here it is again:

I will see you on the inside and live at the event in May!

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1 TJ

Jeremy – Still waiting for answers to questions I posted in your “went live” post, and also had questions about hostgator vs bluehost in your “hostgator” post – It says comments are in moderation or review ………. I realize you’re getting slammed with the launch of one of your own products and also the Amazon product ……. drop me a line when you can come up for air.

2 Emerson

I got in wow…. I am super shocked because the site was like down yesterday

3 Kristin

So I am assuming we will get out iPads after the 30 days?

4 Quiana

Thats soo cool that you are giving away iPads man!

5 Jeremy Schoemaker


6 Lino

This is still full refund before the 30 days right? The iPad is cool and all but I appreciate the value of an education more.

7 Jeremy Schoemaker


8 Hilario


9 Jeremy Schoemaker

Good to hear! Look forward to working with you.

10 Jordan

I was wondering what the deal was haha

11 faisal

Wow affiliate marketing is taking a whole new u-turn.

12 Louis host

I’m in :)

When will you let me test your real time stats plugin? very jel

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