Amazon Selling Machine Just Went Live

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Did I tell you I was going to have a VERY cool bonus for you with this product?

You have seen the video’s and now the shopping cart just opened.

Check this out as a amazing bonus: If you buy from my link I will send you a iPad mini if you are a customer in good standing after 30 days.

I FULL endorse this product. It has been a LONG time since I have put my name on the line with a product of this caliber. The guys behind it are amazing, their hands on approach with you will blow you away.

AND you can rest assured that if this product does not work for you for ANY reason you can get a full refund. You all know I don’t play around with that and if you have any issues I will personally guarantee it. So you know I have done my homework on this.

Click here to reserve your seat now

Here are more specifics about the offer:

1.  8-Week Web Class that starts on March 21st.

This 8-week, 8-module class will teach people everything from A-To-Z that they need to know to get setup and to build this business selling

real products on Amazon.

This will work for people in the USA or outside the USA.  And people can start very small without a huge investment in inventory to test

product ideas and then easily ramp up and SCALE to make things grow — that’s the beauty of leveraging Amazon’s infrastructure.

People DON’T need a Web site, merchant account, blog, a list, or anything else.  Everything to do with this business runs inside

Amazon’s site and infrastructure.  Amazon will send payment (electronically or via check) every 14 days.  This isn’t their affiliate program where it takes months to get paid.

No other online business model has the potential to generate $1,000+ PER DAY in sales within AS LITTLE AS 7 DAYS depending

on how long it takes to get a supplier to send product to Amazon’s fulfillment center.  The course can show them how to get a top ranking for a buying keyword on Amazon in as little as 7 days.

2.  Software Tool Suite

This is a suite of 7 software tools that help manage and scale this business.  These tools help get top rankings, help with the automation of communicating with buyers, track product listing rankings within Amazon so they can easily see their progress and monitor their improvements, and much more.

These are the SAME TOOLS Matt and Jason use everyday to grow and scale their own businesses.  They’ve invested over $175,000 developing these proprietary tools.  The tools are fully hosted on scalable servers.

Customers will get unlimited access to these tools for at least 2 years.  After that time there might be a small maintenance fee as there is some real cost to providing them; including live staff that help moderate the use of the tools.

3.  Lifetime Membership To Exclusive Community

Matt & Jason are building an awesome, private community for people building this fantastic business.  It will be a great place to network, share knowledge, and even find people to do deals with.  They are even doing something very unique by adding an element of “gamification” to the community where members will earn little ‘badges’ that will display with their profile based on their accomplishments – from locating a supplier to earning their first sale to even revenue accomplishments like joining the “$10K/month” revenue club up to the top award for anyone that ever breaks $250K/month in revenue.

No one has done anything like this in the IM market before. A real focus on helping people take action, get results, and have fun doing it.

Matt & Jason are going to foster and grow this wonderful community of people involved in selling real products on Amazon.  The membership to that community alone is worth 10X the price of the offer.

4.  3-Day Hands-On Workshop In Austin, TX in May 2013

This “Builder’s Kit” offer also includes a 3-Day live event in Austin that will take place in late May.

This will be a hands-on Workshop to help people further grow this business, hear from others doing it, and to

learn more about all the opportunities (including suppliers overseas), see live listing boosting tricks, and much more.

This will be a life-changing event for many people.

* Any customer that can’t attend in person will be able to watch a live streaming of the event AND receive recordings.

Limited Availability

Obviously this offer is very limited as Matt & Jason work very hands on with each student.  So make sure to grab your seat right now.

AND as my special bonus to my readers not only will I see you at the live event in Austin but I will also send you a iPad mini to your door step.  I will even cover shipping ;).

Click here to reserve your seat.

23 thoughts on “Amazon Selling Machine Just Went Live

  1. Michael

    It’s really hard to justify such an insane price for what really boils down to software. I think they’re better off doing a MONTHLY membership instead of such an outrageous start up price. I’ve always trusted your insight Jeremy, but I have a lot of trouble buying into something that simply seems overpriced. I know there are a lot of components to this program, but QUANTITY doesn’t always mean QUALITY. Any other reason you can give me to reconsider?

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      Micahael, I understand where you are coming from you make some valid points that make perfect sense. Certains systems work some people and some people they don’t.

  2. Bertrand

    What’s the difference with the product they launched last year ? Is dropshipping really for everybody ? Last year they sent a DVD and a “certificate” and customers had to send them back to get a refund…a little risky I think.
    Also I did not like that they focus on the non-US customers, obviously the most vulnerable in case of non-refund.
    And finally the day Amazon closes your account…

    Anyway it will be interesting to read reviews of this new version.

  3. Canuck

    I was getting all excited about this, but the price tag is out of my reach.

    Also, I wouldn’t be able to attend the event in the USA. I think that a price tag without the event would be somewhat more palatable, at least to me.

    Further; the tools that are included for 2 years, I would have been very comfortable if this was a pay-for version on a commission basis. That way; As I become successful and increase revenue, their tools would bring in more for them. I can see how that would be far more than what they would make from the course itself. (This is essentially how amazon does it; if you sell, they make money. If you don’t, they don’t.)

    The issue I have is not with the program itself. The numbers that they display speak for themselves, and the return on investment (for the course) is evident. As I said: I was getting very excited about this, and I was looking forward to be part of this. But I simply do not have this kind of money.

    Very depressing.

  4. Dan

    Sticker shock for sure! 4K is a lot of money to pay based on their screen shots & video. I couldn’t even find a website to find out more about these guys.

    The 30 day money back guarantee would help except it’s an 8 week course. So half way through the course you have to commit to spending a lot of money or bail out before you’re able to see the entire product.

    I’m sure it’s probably a good product, Shoes recommendations usually are, but I’ll pass this time.

  5. TJ

    Hello a couple quick questions. Although the price point is higher than expected – my concern is accesses to all the information immediately because as I understand it is being “released” in modules? In the support section it says – “Amazing Selling Machine is a structured 8-week program” – but can everything be accessed when a person makes the purchase? (I realize that everyone learns and implement strategy at a different pace – but some would prefer all the info at once instead of “doled out” in increments.)

    Also – I’m sure many would be interested in offsetting the cost of the program by offering it for sale as affiliates after they’ve reviewed the content and are experiencing great results – but I don’t see the option available? I don’t fault the guys for contacting you, john chow, and several others with extensive lists to promote the product leading to launch – but I think they made a mistake not making the affiliate promotion opportunity available to everyone and will result in less sales if people cannot offset the cost. Unless I missed the link somewhere?

  6. Tony

    I read your blog and appreciate your insight on marketing in general, however I wish you didn’t lend your hard earned credibility to this overpriced crap and in my view borderline scam. Do this people think people are stupid?

    These guys are trying to exit from this gig by selling a worthless course to desperate newbies. I Don’t mean to sound negative but how do you justify that kind of price in this economy for a business model that will be if not already overcrowded.

    This is one of the most brazen attempt to fleece an unsuspecting public by preying on their desperation for a better life for themselves and their families.

    Mr Shoemaker, Please don’t undermine you good and respected name. I will always continue to listen to your valuable insights but I think you made a mistake this time.

  7. Larry

    I have to concur with those that have suggested a commission model for this product. I certainly would happily give a percentage of my profits to the course creators if their software and books generated a profit for me. And the product creators would come out ahead too! Just too steep a price for something with too many uncertainties.

  8. Bernadette

    3-Day hands on workshop is the best value out of all this I believe. It’s so easy to mess up from the get go.

  9. Laurence

    Sounds great an all but.. I have yet to hear a price for all of this. I mean if this includes a trip to Austin and iPad haha

  10. Jeff

    Looks like a couple of guys that are looking for a big score before moving on, at least to me. Maybe somehow there’s something there worth 4K, but I won’t know – at least by buying in. I always ask myself, when I see such HUGE income claims, “Why would anyone that is making such a ridiculous amount of money want to take the time to develop a course to show everyone else in the world what’s he doing?” For several decades now I’ve tried to live by the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” That’s an *OLD* saying for a reason. I know if I was pocketing 100,000+/month, I’d be interested only in ramping it up, not ‘spreading the word’ and making it easier for others to crowd the space. I was also wondering about the 30 day guarantee, but it’s an 8-week course. Perhaps I just didn’t read the fine print?

  11. Tommy

    Based on all the comments posted thus far, and the fact that Shoemoney has all but agreed that this is an over-priced product, how can anyone conclude that this offer has any lasting merit?

  12. Alex

    I bought the course but had to ask for a refund for this reason –

    If you can’t find a great product to white label you’re only going to make peanuts (at best).

    Now think about that because isn’t that what EVERYONE is trying to do from Apple downwards – find a great product to sell with top margins.

    Finding a great product that lasts is probably the same as finding an East Texas oil field that pumps 100k barrels a day. 10,001 people are looking for that strike but but only a handful will actually find it…..

    As for the other parts of the course, the marketing strategies etc, they look good but the best marketing ideas won’t help one bit without a good product(s).

  13. Afiliados confiaveis

    Amazon is still one of the best online store in the world, almost all products we need are available in there.
    If you find yourself sitting around wishing you could find ways to earn some extra cash, this is definitely one avenue to try out.
    Success Jeremy!!

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